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 Concerned Advent Believers Pleading for a Return to Our Historic Beliefs and Standards


Our Historic Teachings are worth defending, for they are totally correct. The Spirit of Prophecy is fully inspired of God and we will be judged by what we do with those counsels. We have come to a time when even long-time church goers no longer know the God-given truths of this movement. We urge all Advent-believers; even if you are SURE you know 'TRUTH' to prayerfully study the material found here. This is not a 'call in' or a 'call out': It is a defense of God's inspired teachings and a cry to return to God's ways! 

"God is not giving us a new message. We are to proclaim the message that in 1843 and 1844 brought us out of the other churches. We need the Holy Spirit to kindle in our hearts the zeal and earnestness that were then seen among God's people. RH Jan 19. 1905

The warning has come: Nothing is to be allowed to come in that will disturb the foundation of the faith upon which we have been building ever since the message came in 1842, 1843, and 1844. I was in this message, and ever since I have been standing before the world, true to the light that God has given us. We do not propose to take our feet off the platform on which they were placed as day by day we sought the Lord with earnest prayer, seeking for light. Do you think that I could give up the light that God has given me? It is to be as the Rock of Ages. It has been guiding me ever since it was given. GCB, April 6, 1903 par. 35

All the messages given from 1840-1844 are to be made forcible now, for there are many people who have lost their bearings. The messages are to go to all the churches. {21MR 437.1}

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