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This is the only highly instructive picture of the three angels ever produced. To view what it looks like in miniature, go to home page of, and click on THREE ANGELS PAINTING.


I am usually at no loss for words, but I hardly know how to describe this. It is a glorious, full-color, specially commissioned painting of the Three Angels of Revelation 14,—bringing their messages to you and to everyone you share this with!

This project, with all that it involves, has been over a year in production,—and now it has arrived from the printing house.

Each one of these instructive paintings is printed on sturdy, heavy paper.

The objective is to provide you with something to be placed on the walls of our homes, churches, schools, shops, and offices—which would quickly, in full color, give the messages of these angels to all who see them!

People need to know these truths; and, in a surprisingly accurate way, these messages are given here in a stunning, wide-area painting, with some brief wording below each angel describing the meaning of his message. Complete Bible statements and references are included.

In order to add to the intensity and importance of this presentation, each painting is placed within a printed copy of a high-quality wooden frame.

Here are the dimensions: LARGE size: 34½ x 55 inches. SMALL size: 17½ x 27½ inches. Below the painting are three “copper plates”;

each plate is below an angel and describes his message, plus Bible references. The copper plates are above a bluish 48 x 4 steel backing plate.

Amid clouds in the sky, the angels stand close to, and behind, Planet Earth.

The angel on the left holds an hourglass; and part of the wording says, “The hour of His Judgment is come.”

The angel in the middle is gesturing for the people to come out; and the wording includes, “Come out of her, My people.”

The angel on the right is holding the two tables of stone; and part of the wording says, “Keep His commandments.”

—But there is a second poster:

The FUTURE EVENTS CHART is on the back! It has the same frame surrounding it. Inside the frame, at the top, is the wording: “Into the Future - A View of Final Events.” Below this is a brief summary of all key final events from just before the National Sunday Law - on down to the death of the wicked and eternity beyond. (This will also be in a book we will print when funds are available.) The wording on the small Future Events Chart is quite small.

PERSONAL PACK—2 small and 2 large paintings (each with a final events chart on the back): $14.00, plus shipping.

SHARE PACK—2 large and 8 small paintings. $29.00, plus shipping. Give the extras to relatives, church members, and others! You are sharing a powerful message when you share these paintings!


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