Homosexual Fact Sheet

(Warning! Contains Adult information not suitable for young children)



  This fact sheet has been prepared because, throughout the nation, in the churches, and in my own denomination, there is an increasing acceptance of homosexuality as a normal and acceptable way of life.

Here is information to read and share with others. Make copies and distribute them. You have loved ones who need to be warned.

A number of in-depth studies have, for decades, been carried out—direct medical studies, analysis of obituaries in homosexual magazines (which list the age at death and cause), and questionnaires distributed in a number of U.S. cities. From this, extensive data has been collected. You will not read about it in the public press because, frankly, the media today favors homosexuality.

Here are these facts:


Stay away from homosexuality, if you do not want to have a miserable, disease-ridden life and an early death—avoid it as the plague.

Whenever you see photos of men and women who admit they are gays or videos of them marching in Washington, D.C., New York City, San Francisco, or elsewhere—you only see young ones. Most are in their twenties, and a few are in their thirties. The older ones are generally dead or in such bad shape they can no longer take part in such marches. Many of the younger ones are also sick with various diseases or dying in hospitals, and not in attendance.

Everyone knows that smoking, alcohol, and fast driving will kill you. But sodomy will kill you quicker.

The median (average middle number) age of death for gays is about the same nationwide: Less than 2% survive until old age. The average American now lives to be about 70. For male gays who die of AIDS, the median age is 39. For male gays who die of something else, the median age at death is 42. The median age at death of lesbians is 44.


Surely, inner-city violence ought to kill people off quicker than homosexuality, yet the average person living in a crime-ridden district of New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles will live longer than a practicing homosexual. Why is this?

Gays engage in very strange activities, which produce infections and diseases of various types—and they are indulging in those dangerous activities about as much now as before AIDS entered the picture.

 Dr. William Haseltine, of the Harvard Medical School, concluded his 1993 study by noting that gays are just as intensively involved in their activities as ever; the increase of AIDS and other diseases has not stopped them a bit (AIDS prognosis, Washington Times, Feb 13, 1993).

The average homosexual has 50 to 70 different “partners” every year, year in and year out. You can see why the average 20-year-old who begins the gay lifestyle—will have AIDS, another very serious disease, or be dead by the time he is 30.

Gay activists often argue that what consenting adults do in private is nobody else’s business. Yet they have sex with so many different partners (P. Gebhard & A. Johnson, Kinsey Data, 6; K. Jay & A. Young, Gay Report, 7; P. Cameron, Psych. Reports, 1989, 64:1167-1179) that they increase their risk of getting, or giving sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to husbands, wives, children, etc. Researchers have found that homosexuals have more STDs than non-homosexuals (P. Cameron, Nebr. Med. J., 1985, 70:292-299).

Studies reveal that gays do these things all over the world; that is why gays in one country are as sick as those in another country.

We would rather not even mention their activities (they are all so horrible), but it is difficult to explain why gays have so many terrible diseases, even though briefly mentioning the causes.

There are several main types of homosexual activities:

1 - Oral sex—This is the primary method used, and it involves swallowing sperm. Because semen contains many of the germs found in blood, eating it is essentially the same as drinking someone else’s raw blood. This is a very unhealthful, dangerous practice. The penis is often infected, and has often been placed in another person’s rectum. As a result, oral sex leads rather quickly to hepatitis A, gonorrhea, HIV, and/or hepatitis B.

Because they have sex with so many different people (over 70% admit that, with over half their partners, they have had sex only once [A. Bell & M. Weinberg, Homosexualities, p. 18], the risk of infection is quite high. Gays average between 10 and 110 partners per year).

2 - Rectal sex—About 90% of gays have done this (New Engl J. Med., 1980, 302:45-48). About two-thirds do it regularly. The rectal lining is only one cell thick, and semen readily penetrates it, transmitting AIDS and other diseases. It is quite common for the rectal wall to be torn, which causes direct rectal infections, plus transmitting hepatitis B, HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and other diseases.

“Fisting” (the insertion of the fist, bottles, carrots, and live gerbils [C. Adams, The Reader, Mar 28, 1986] is also done). This not only increases contamination, but can result in a person’s having to wear a colostomy bag and diapers for the rest of his life. By 1977, over a third of gays admitted to having done it.

3 - Fecal sex Fecal sex involves licking the anus and/or ingesting fecal matter. In a diary study, 70% of gays had engaged in this (and half regularly) in the previous 6 months (New Engl. J. Med., 1980, 302:45-48).

The result is hepatitis A, a dangerous liver infection. In addition, certain enteric parasites enter the body (the medical term for the infection is “gay bowel syndrome”).

Ingesting feces can also result in typhoid fever, herpes, and cancer. One study found that 10% of the gays with some of these infections (including amoeba, giardia, and shigella) “were employed as food handlers in public establishments” (New Engl J. Med., 1980, 302:45-48).

A January-June 1991 CDC report found that 66% of the hepatitis A cases in New York were gays. Rates for other U.S. cities were comparable (CDC Report, MMWR 1992, 41:155-64). A 1982 study noted that gays are spreading hepatitis A to the general population.

4 - Urine sex—The largest gay survey to date found that 23% drank, or splashed one another with, urine. This adds to the rate of infection from various diseases. Their “pleasures” are utterly weird.

A San Francisco study of 655 gays summarized the above practices: 5% drank urine, 7% did “fisting,” 33% ingested feces, 53% swallowed semen, and 59% received semen in their rectums—during the previous month alone (Amer. J. Public Health, 1985, 75:493-496).

The Seattle sexual diary study reported that, in one year, a gay fellated 108, swallowed semen from 48, exchanged saliva with 96, penetrated 68 anuses, and swallowed fecal matter from 19 others (New Engl J. Med., 1980, 302:45-48).

Now you can understand why homosexuals get sick and die far more quickly than nearly any other group of people in the nation! The fear of AIDS has hardly reduced the amount of gay activities or varied contacts.

Surveys reveal that between a third to a half of gays do it in public restrooms; 45-90% in gay bathhouses, and 45-90% also use illegal drugs (K. Jay & A. Young, The Gay Report; P. Gebhard & A. Johnson, The Kinsey Data, p. 17).

The public health bill for treating people who invite such infection is enormous. Guess who pays it?

(We will not discuss the political ramifications of the Gay Rights Movement, but they are demanding fuller medical coverage and more legal rights to have sex in the military and with underage children.)

Health care workers are at greater risk in caring for such people. As of 1992, over 100 had been infected with AIDS by gays in medical settings (CDC HIV/AIDS Surveillance, Feb 1993). Tuberculosis and new strains of other diseases are also moving into the general population from gays (S.W. Dooley, J. Amer. Med. Assn. 1992. 264:2632-35). Those housed with gays in homes, hospitals, etc., are also at risk (Ibid).

“Aids has already led to other kinds of dangerous epidemics . . If AIDS is not eliminated, other new lethal microbes will merge, and neither safe sex nor drug free practices will prevent them” (Dr. Max Essex, chairman of Harvard AIDS Institute, Testimony before House subcommittee, Feb. 24, 1992).

As if to add to this massive public health problem, gays frequently work in restaurants; and, every year, a quarter, or more, of homosexuals visit another country; there to infect still more people—and bring back new ones to America (J. Amer. Med. Assoc., 1984, 251:1444-46; Genitourin Med., 1994, 70:12-14).

Most of the Americans who got AIDS from contaminated blood transfusions (6,349 by 1992 alone) received it from gays. It is known that gays like to sell blood.


Another strange aspect of this is that a person who enters the ranks of homosexuals—enters, at the same time, a world of remarkable violence. This aggression takes several forms:

One is sadomasochism. A large minority of gays engage in torture “for fun.” Studies on this reveal that 25% of adult white gays admitted to sex with boys 16 or younger (A. Bell and M. Weinberg, Homosexualities, p. 18). One study, covering 9 states, found that 33% of the 181 male, and 22% of the 18 female, teachers caught molesting students did so homosexually (S. Rubin, Sex education: Teachers Who Sexually Abuse Students, Psychology Congress, Aug. 1988). Compare that with the fact that, in the general population, less than 3% of men and 2% of women are homosexual.

In a national survey of random samples of homosexuals and heterosexuals, 32% of those males calling themselves homosexual or bisexual vs. 5% of heterosexual males reported having engaged in sadomasochism; 17% of lesbians vs. 4% of heterosexual women also admitted it (P. Cameron, Psychol. Rpts., 1989, 64:1167-79).

The 1980 CBS-TV documentary, Gay Power, Gay Politics, reported that about 10% of the accidental deaths among young men in San Francisco resulted from sadomasochistic sex.

In one study, 27.5% of gays said they liked to place people in bondage, and then mistreat them in various ways (P. Cameron, Psychol. Rpts., 1989, 64:1167-79).

Evidence indicates that, compared to heterosexuals, homosexuals are more likely to deliberately harm their sexual partners with beatings or infecting them with disease (P. Gebhard & A. Johnson, Kinsey Data, 6; P. Cameron, Psych. Reports, 1985, 57:1227-36). Examples of gays who were deliberate spreaders of AIDS have been documented (History of AIDS, Princeton Press, 1990, 19.)

By 1993, over 100,000 U.S. gays had died of AIDS and tens of thousands had died of hepatitis B. Many were deliberately infected by other homosexuals.

Then there are the murders of homosexuals by other homosexuals. (Murders of non-gays by homosexuals will be mentioned later.) A study of 6,714 obituaries in gay newspapers throughout America (P. Cameron, The Homosexual Lifespan, Eastern Psych. Assn., Apr. 17, 1993) revealed that (1) 1.4% of gays and 7% of lesbians were murdered; this is over a hundred times the rate for non-homosexuals. (2) 0.6% of gays and 5.7% of lesbians committed suicide, about 50 times that of non-homosexuals. (3) 0.6% of gays and 4.3% of lesbians died in motor vehicle accidents, 18 times more than non-homosexuals.

It is for such reasons as these, along with all their diseases, that the median age of death for male homosexuals is 40 and 45 for female homosexuals.

Compare those mortality statistics with married non-homosexuals: 75 for men and 79 for women.


Many studies of child molestation have been carried out, and the results are both consistent and startling. Between 15-40% of statutory rape (child molestation) involves homosexuality (P. Cameron, Psych. Reports, 1985, 57:1227-36). A survey of white gays found that 25% admitted to having sex with boys 16 or younger, when they were 21 or older (A.P. Bell, Sexual Preference, 1981, 19).

Entire studies have been written on the large number of child molestation cases, done by homosexuals. In their magazines, gays admit that one of their objectives in doing this is to increase the number of homosexuals.

Some of these studies were about homosexual school teachers. It is known that they prey on the children.

Aside from passion, there are two special reasons why gays do this: (1) By sodomizing children, they increase the number who will grow up to be homosexuals. (2) Children have less diseases to transmit. NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) has, as its goal, the removing of laws prohibiting gays from having sex with minors. In 1990, the age of consent for homosexual sex in Holland was lowered to 12!

The National Crime Survey reported that about 7% of rapes are homosexual. They have dramatically increased with the rise of the gay rights movement. This crime is twice as common in urban areas where gays congregate (C.W. Harlow, U.S. Dept. Justice, 1991, NCJ-126826).

A study of 518 mass murders in the U.S., from 1966 to 1983, revealed that 350 (68%) of the victims were killed by those who practiced homosexuality (P. Cameron, Midwestern Psych. Assn., 1983)


“Living by oneself is probably the chief residential pattern for male homosexuals. It provides the freedom to pursue whatever style of homosexual life one chooses, whether it be furtive encounters in parks or immersion in the homosexual subculture. In addition, homosexual relationships are fragile enough to make this residential pattern common whether deliberate or not” (M.S. Weinberg & C.J. Williams, Male Homosexuals: Their Problems and Adaptations, 1975).

Most gays and lesbians are not in monogamous relations, and generally live alone by preference. A 1970 San Francisco study found that about 61% of gays and 37% of lesbians were living alone (A.P. Bell & M.S. Weinberg, Homosexualities, 1979). The 1977 Spada Report found that only 8% of gays had just one live-in partner. The same year, only 40% of lesbians said they had only one lover (J. Spada, The Spada Report, 1979).

A gay newspaper survey, of nearly 8,000, found that gay couples lasted 3.5 years at the most, and lesbian couples lasted 2.2 years (P. Blumstein & P. Schwartz, American Couples, 1983). Although half of lesbians may be in a one-to-one basis, these partnerships only last two or three years, then break up.

Most homosexuals, whether male or female, prefer variety.

Even if homosexual marriages could last, which they do not, both partners would be dead within a couple decades.

Oddly enough, the practices of those in “monogamous relationships” were found to be more unhealthful than the rest of the homosexuals. They drank urine and had grotesque sex even more frequently. In a London sample of gays, those infected with HIV were more likely to have regular partners than those not so infected (A.J. Hunt, Genitourinary Med. 1990, 66:423-427). An Italian study showed similar results (S. Franceschi, Lancet, 1989). Disease among gays is rampant, regardless of how many partners they have. The problem is an entire way of life.

Then there is the violence that occurs by homosexual lovers toward one another. Homosexual marriage has the highest rate of domestic violence! And this is especially true among lesbians.

Susan Holt, coordinator of the domestic violence unit of the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, said this:

“Domestic violence is the third largest health problem facing the gay and lesbian community today and trails only behind AIDS and substance abuse . . in terms of sheer numbers and lethality” (S. Holt, Gay and Lesbian Times, Sept. 26, 1996).

In 1988, a nationwide survey of 6,779 married couples by the federal government (J. Sorenson, Amer. J. Public Health, 1996, 86:35-40) established that, in traditional, heterosexual marriages, the average rate of domestic violence is less than 5% a year (2% of husbands and 3.2% of wives said that they were hit, shoved or had things thrown at them). But homosexuals cohabiting with one another reported far higher rates of violence: 20% to 25% per year (D. Ellis, Violence and Victims, 1989, 4:235-255).

Applying the same standards to homosexual couples that are applied to the usual marriage violence, 48% of 43 lesbian and 39% of male couples reported domestic violence (R. Gardner, U. Georgia, 1988).

Another found 43% of the relationships of 284 lesbians “in a committed, cohabiting, lesbian relationship” during the previous 6 months were violent (L. Lockhart, Interpersonal Violence, 1994. 9:469-492).

A 1990 Los Angeles study found that nearly half of 90 lesbian couples reported domestic violence yearly (V. Coleman, Ca. Violence in Lesbian Couples, Sch. Prof. Psych, 1990). That study also revealed that the violence was just as intense when children were, or were not, in the home.

Homosexual partnering actually increased the dangers associated with being a gay.

In marked contrast, research into “gay bashing,” found that homosexuals claim to be persecuted by non-gays far more than they actually are. Most of it amounts to name calling, and little more; violence rarely occurred unless the homosexual tried to seduce someone.


Many studies have been conducted on this; but we will briefly note that, in the largest study, only one-half of a percent of Americans have had a homosexual parent. Those who did were more likely to (1) be sexually molested, (2) report having had sex with a parent, (3) experience homosexuality as their first sexual experience, (4) become homosexual or bisexual, and (5) report dissatisfaction with their childhood (P. & K. Cameron, Homosexual parents, Adolescence, 1996, 31:757-776).

The various studies reveal that children of gays are more than 3 times as likely to become homosexual than children in traditional homes (P. & K. Cameron, J. Psychology, 1997, 131:1-20). Dozens of court cases show that children of homosexuals are more apt to be sexually molested by a parent (Ibid.).


The evidence solidly supports the fact that people choose to be homosexuals; they were not born that way.

No researcher has found provable biological or genetic differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals, that were not caused by their behavior. Studies show that parents recognize that the orientation of their children was learned. In research after research, from the 1930s until the early 1970s (when a “politically correct” answer emerged), only about 10% of homosexuals claimed they were “born that way.”

Most gays become that way, because an older person initiates them into it—and they decide they like it. Most admit that their first partner was an older gay (I. Bieber, et. al., Homosexuality: A Psychoanalytic Study, 1962).

Frequently, a key factor was whether it was the person’s first sexual experience. Parents, guard your children!

Religious convictions are a factor. Those raised in non-religious homes are more likely to become gay.

Many gays and lesbians change their sexual preference, back and forth. Many leave sodomy forever, never to return.

Other factors, predisposing to homosexuality, include: gay teachers and authority figures, severe problems in the home, exposure to pornography, and rape. Many studies have been done on this.


It is obviously a miserable way of life. How can one escape from it?

1 - Recognize that it is a choice, and that you can have the power to control your choices. Determine that you want to change, and are going to change.

2 - Go to God and ask Him for help! Cry and plead with Him alone in your room. Read the Bible and claim its promises. God promises you enabling strength to resist temptation and overcome sin, through the empowering grace of His Son, Jesus Christ. The change can be made; you can do it—as you continue, moment by moment, to rely on God for strength. You will not give up; you will keep crying for help and taking hold of His strength.

3 - Keep praying. Keep your thoughts on the right things; and, if they begin to stray, bring them back to good subjects. Sing a hymn. Send up a prayer. Read a Bible promise you marked or recite one you have memorized. Reach for a pocket Bible or New Testament and begin reading it and praying. As you continue doing this, the old way of life will gradually fade away. We all have temptations to resist; gays are not unique! Everyone can be helped equally by the God of heaven.

4 - In 1980, a friend told me that her brother was a homosexual, and that he really wanted to escape it. I told her the strange things homosexuals did revealed it was devil-possession, and to tell her son to plead with God and tell the demon to leave.

She went home and phoned her brother. Alone, in a distant city, he got down on his knees and pled with God for help, meant it,—and then commanded the devil to leave.

He said that he felt something coming out through the top of his head, and as it was departing, said in a deep man’s voice, “My name is Queer!”

The young man was perfectly freed from that bondage.

Unfortunately, he did not maintain that close walk with God, and several years later chose to return to it. He died in 1992 with AIDS. (Read Matthew 12:43-45.)

My friend, whoever you are, whatever your problem—there is deliverance in Jesus Christ! Go to Him just now, cling to Him day by day, study and obey His Word.


We are constantly told that our information is inaccurate, and/or out of date and so we present this letter we received from a Medical Doctor in 2007 for your further information.

Dear Mr. Farrel,

I am a board-certified Physician, and I would like to say that your synopsis on
homosexuality was quite possibly the best documented, and most enlightening
presentation I have ever read on the subject.  I trained at San Francisco General
Hospital and I can verify 1st hand that what you say about the rampant, suicide,
homocide, domestic violence and disease among the gay community is 100% true.  In
the cases of homosexuals (both men and women) that I had the great honor and
privilege of caring for day after day, I saw the greatest cry of human suffering
imaginable.  I want to personally thank you for your ministry and helping me as I
help my patients to reclaim their health, both physical and spiritual.

Sincerely yours,


 We keep getting letters from folks who get all up in a heap over the material in this article-- they respond as if we are somehow just making stuff up to try and make nice people feel bad. They tell us they know some homosexual who is an absolute angel and such a nice person and so on-- well so what? None of us can tell just by meeting people on a casual basis what their lifestyle really is-- some of the worst serial killers for example were paragons of virtue in their communities.

Also what makes you think that we have said that ALL homosexuals do ALL of the practices named in this medical report.- IF you look again you will see that the information we have there is from MEDICAL STUDIES reported in an OFFICIAL MEDICAL JOURNAL and show percentages of those who ADMIT they have been involved in these acts. These are statistics- not fantasies.  We did not make this stuff up-this is a report of a legitimate medical survey.

These sexual perversions are not healthy-they are against nature - and statistics don't lie. Our intention is to warn people away from the unnatural and tell them that God Has Help and Power available to give the victory over this habit through the name of Jesus Christ just as much as He has Help and Power available through Jesus Christ to give the Victory over alcohol, tobacco, drugs and any other perversion or sin. Denying the problem will never bring victory.

We don't want to see people trapped in any harmful lifestyle or habit. If people involved in these things are 'nice people' well that means that we want even more to see them free from harmful practices. Before anyone can get Victory, he needs to admit the problem-like the alcoholic-and then through the name of Jesus Christ, taking hold of His Power and His Grace and making a positive, determined choice to break free--he can have complete Victory through the Power of our Living Saviour!

John 8:36 "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."