If you eat meat, you need to read this

Mad Cow Disease is Real


Where it came from - Why it is here-

 Why it will become epidemic



Six Other Definitions 

Kuru in the 1940s in New Guinea 

What the Symptoms Are Like 

Prions Are Dumped 

Scrapie in Britain in the 1970s 

Scrapie in the U.S. in the 1970s 

BSE in Britain in the 1970s 

BSE in Britain in the 1980s 

British Beef Statistics: 1987-1994 

The Southwood Committee 

The Tyrell Report 

The Ban on Animal Parts in Feed 

Jumping the Species Barrier 

The Crisis in Britain Deepens 

More Evidence of Species Jumping 

Vertical Transmission 

British Public Learns of CJD Deaths 

Publication of Lacey's Book 

Statements from Lacey's Book 

Cows and the Dairy Industry 

Facts Worth Remembering 

What Happens to the Diseased Cow? 

Symptoms of CJD 

Medical Personnel Fear CJD 

Why the Problem Will Get Worse 

Recent Developments 

Rhodes New Book 

The Crisis Comes to America 



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