The Defined King James Bible  

WM 1617
Vance Ferrell

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I have discovered a new Bible !
It is called the Defined King James Bible.
This is an outstanding Bible. It has the original KJV text that you will find in all the other KJV Bibles. So there is no problem with the text.
(By the way, this is NOT the “New KJV” which, as you may know, is a regular KJV changed to agree with the theory of Wescott and Hort. Their theory is that the fourth century texts of Constantine’s time are closer to the original than the texts prior to that time. For a complete historical analysis of this, see my 8½ x 11, 240-page book, The King James Bible and the Modern Versions.)
What then makes this Bible different, or, I should say, better?
It defines each old-fashioned word in the KJV Bible, thus giving its modern meaning. But the text is not changed; the meaning of the word is given in a footnote on the bottom of each page. Frankly, this is something that I had wanted to do eventually. Fortunately, someone else has done it.
This Bible has a remarkably long list of outstanding features. Here they are:
1 - This has the complete King James text of the Old and New Testaments.
2 - Like all quality Bibles, it has a genuine leather binding, and a ribbon bookmark. The binding is a maroon (burgundy) red leather.
3 - The print size is 10 points for easier reading. It comes in a heavy, colorful cardboard case.
4 - It is only 1¼ inches thick because it has quality Bible paper, and the size of each page is 6 inches wide x 8 inches high. The overlapping leather cover makes it appear still larger. This is generally considered to be the best size for carrying around.
5 - It has gold-on-black inset thumb indexes, to help you quickly find the book you are looking for. This is very handy.
6 - In the front is a yearly Bible Reading schedule which is arranged so that, if 85 verses are read each day, you will read it all in a year. (A special mark is found all through this Bible, indicating where each 85 verses ends. That is very helpful!)
7 - Also in front is a Synopsis of the Books, which briefly tells you what is in each book of the Bible. It is simple, and nicely prepared.
8 - Throughout the text of the Bible, the older words are in a bold book font with the current meaning at the bottom of that page, if you wish to check on it. For example, I noticed Genesis 2:10: “And a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.” The footnote has “from that place” for thence, and “formed” for became into. That seemed to be a help. Hundreds more are scattered all through the Bible; there are usually about 7 to 12 per page.
In the Appendix at the back of this remarkable Bible, we find several more helps:
9 - All the old verb endings are listed alphabetically and explained (aboundeth = abounds; boweth = bows).
10 - This is followed by a section on the importance of the KJV over modern versions and a warning against false teachings. The statement of a leading evangelist is quoted and discussed, in which he says that everybody in all the world religions are already Christians and are already saved (p. 1665).
11 - Next is a briefly told story of the English Bible (pp. 1666-1669).
12 - This is followed by a brief introduction to the dangers of the modern versions (pp. 1669-1671).
13 - Significant problems in the seven leading modern versions are covered in a fair amount of detail (pp. 1672-1687). You will find this section very interesting! It contains a remarkable collection of factual information! For example, both the NIV and NKJV substitute the words, “shrine prostitute,” or “male shrine prostitute,” for the actual word, “sodomite(s),” in the five passages where they should occur (Deut 23:17; 1 Kgs 14:24; 15:12; 22:46; 2 Kgs 23:7). “Among the NKJV translators were nine scholars who had participated in the NIV translation. The NIV team of translators/editors had at least one known pro-gay member and a self-confessed lesbian” (p. 1682). You will find many other interesting facts about these modern versions back here!
14 - At the far back are eight maps, very clearly printed on heavier paper, which you can easily turn to. These can take a lot of wear (pp. 1705-1712).
Although this Bible is produced by a Protestant printing house, I found nothing in its notes that blatantly attacks any of our beliefs. (They are opposed to the Vatican threat.)
15 - It is commonly sold elsewhere for $30.00 to $60.00. But we can provide it to you for $18.00, plus shipping. Our concern is to help you succeed! Colporteurs can easily sell it for $60.00.


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