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The items listed below primarily consist of quotations on specific topics from the Spirit of Prophecy. Most are also listed in the preceding general index.

____DH201-205 CANRIGHT Part 1-5 Apr 86 The tragic life story of a man who rejected the Spirit of Prophecy. Share this small tractbook widely (TB:WHITE/1)

____PL2-4 LIVING THE LIFE OF ENOCH 1980 SP quotes: Lessons from the life of Enoch, categorically arranged (TB:INSPIRATIONAL/1)

____PL21-31 ANGELS HOVERING NEAR Part 1-11 Jan 91 SP quotes: All about angels in your life (TB:INSPIRATIONAL/1)

____God will kill wicked: WD11-20 THE TERRIBLE STORM Part 1-10 1980. Probably the most complete Bible-Spirit of Prophecy collection on the "God will never kill the incorrigibly wicked" teaching. (TB:OFFSHOOTS/2)

____WM771-773 DO NOT REJECT THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY Part 1-3 July 97 Excellent SP quotes!

____WM828 THE SECRET INSTRUCTIONS May 1998 Satan's instructions to devils, from "Snares of Satan" in 1884 Gr Contro (Not pdf) Download PDF

____White compilation: WM1078-1083 WARNINGS AND REPROOFS Part 1-6 May 02 Index: White Compilation

____White compilation: WM1100-1102 MESSAGES OF THE THREE ANGELS Sept 02 Index: Three Angels Message / White compilations

____White comp: WM1240 OUR PRESENT CRISIS WAS PREDICTED Nov 04 Index: White compilation

____White comp: WM1266-1267 INCREASING DISASTERS Apr 05 (SP comp) Index: Disasters / Climate / White comp

____White comp: WM1298-1301 JUST AHEAD: THE GREATEST CRISIS (3 parts) Oct 05 Index: White comp / Sunday law

____White comp: WM1301-1303 WILL THERE BE ANOTHER PROPHET? Nov 05 Index: White comp / Prophets, new

____White comp: WM1306-1307 SATANS OTHER MISTAKE Dec 05 Index: Satan / White comp

____White comp: WM1311-1313 THIS IS JUSTIFICATION Jan 06 Index: Justification / White comp

____White comp: WM1314-1315 THIS IS SANCTIFICATION Feb 06 Index: x: Sanctification / White comp

____Sp Proph comp: WM1198-1199 HOW TO RESIST TEMPTATION March 04 Index: Sp Proph Comp / Temptation

____Sp Proph comp: WM1204-1205 PROOF THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT EXISTS Apr 04 Index: Holy Spirit / Godhead / Sp Proph Comp

____Sp Proph comp: WM1209-1211 BASIC CONTROVERSY IN THE GR CONTRO BETWEEN CHRIST AND SATAN Apr 04 Index: Great Controversy / Sp Proph Comp

____Sp Proph comp: WM1213 IDENTIFYING THE REMNANT May 04 Index: Remnant / Sp Proph Comp

____Prayer: BOOK Answers to Prayer 64 pp, Ellen G White HB-174 1995.