Above all-Keeping thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues
of life. {margin) Pr 4:23

We live in Crisis Times! This 10 part article will cover the many faces of Spiritistic Hypnotism which we now have around us both in the world AND in the church: 

Meditation Sermons; LAB I and II; Ericksonian Hypnosis; Entertainment Behavioral Transfer; Seminar Hypnosis Books; Yoga; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Master Student Guide; Casual-conversation Hypnosis; Hypnotic Cassettes; Story-telling Hypnosis; Power from Within Tobacco Classes; Celebration Pantomime Fixation;


PART ONE OF TEN                        

This set of several tracts will open up before you a major spiritistic takeover in our denomination. Some of our workers are [HAVE] taking courses in hypnotic mind-control exercises, with the purpose in mind of using them on our people. This is a serious matter, and as you read through all the documented material here, you will be astounded to think that some of our leaders could be so gullible as to go to the world for their training.

Non-Adventist hypnosis specialists are teaching these courses to a number of our church leaders so they can use this information. In addition, advanced instructor-level courses are being taken, so that church workers can instruct our pastors, and bring it into our local churches. In special conference-wide meetings, some of this information is being taught to our church members as a means of reclaiming former members. " There are sons and daughters of the church who may need to be reclaimed, but let us use prayer, understanding, and the Word of God to do it, not hypnotic techniques! Some leave the church because of their own desires to experience the husks of worldliness. But others leave because our churches are drifting away from the historic landmarks. This is not a time to use spiritism to win back former members! What is needed is heartfelt revival and reformation in our own lives and churches first. Let us get rid of the worldly entertainment, clothing, diet, and education.

An advanced instructor-level course In how to teach these mind-changing, hypnotic procedures will be [was] given to our leaders In Takoma Park, Maryland, on May 5-10, 1991. This course is very expensive, and the expert giving it only schedules an average of three such instructor-level courses per year. But, by special arrangement, this advanced course will be given to many of our top leaders this year. Read, weep, pray, and act. This is the story of stuporless-trance hypnosis that is coming into our church.

One of the first to speak up was a layman in the Oregon Conference, Terry Ross by name. As you may know, the leadership of the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has rapidly become the foremost and fastest growing pioneer in introducing worldly concepts into our North American church services: Such things as Pentecostal celebration entertainment-type services, Korean Evangelical "cell" mid-week church member conditioning meetings, variations of Protestant celebration and cell training manuals, and now hypnotic counseling!

Whether or not Terry was the first to discover this fourth phase, he was the first to loudly condemn it. God needs people like Terry Ross at this time in history! First, he spoke up against the practice, and then wrote and printed an introductory warning about this practice. When he began distributing it throughout the Oregon Conference, the leadership was highly incensed. Little wonder, for Don Jacobsen, President of the Oregon Conference was closely working With certain conference pastors in developing training programs in these new techniques and training pastors attending training sessions at the Milwaukee Adventist Church, in south Portland.

"On February 8 of Last year (1990) another personal friend of mind, who I choose not to name (as I'm painfully aware of what happens to those who take stands for truth which expose certain facts), called Elder Don Jacobsen, president of the Oregon SDA Conference. During the 45 minute conversation, my friend brought up the NLP hypnosis issue and asked Elder Jacobsen what his thoughts were on it.  My friend wrote down at that time specifically what Elder Jacobsen said so he wouldn't forget or misconstrue it. Elder Jacobsen told him he thought that hypnotism could be used for good or bad but he thought 'if God were here today it wouldn't surprise him if He [God) used hypnotism.' - Terry Ross, You Are Growing Sleepy, p.9.

Later that year, after the 1990 Indianapolis Session, a letter was written to Robert Folkenberg, the new General Conference president, appealing to him to step in and do something about this terrible new trend in our church. It is very unlikely that Folkenberg ever saw that letter. Instead, it was routinely passed along to an officer in the very department which is sponsoring the Takoma Park NLP training sessions: the General Conference Ministerial Department (which is in charge of Ministry magazine)! In the paragraph just proceeding the one quoted above, we are told this:

"A personal friend of mine wrote a letter of concern on this subject of NLP to Elder Folkenberg not too long ago. He had a heavy schedule and was unable to respond personally, so it was forwarded to the Ministerial Association. The letter of reply is from a well-known man at Ministry magazine, and he states clearly that he took part of the training himself in 1981! The letter demonstrates that Adventist leadership has been involved with NLP training which has dearly been shown to be the devil's ground. It also sadly demonstrates leadership involvement in this training has been going on for at least 10 years and that the training has reached all the way up into the highest ranks of the SDA Church."-Ibid..

Those of you who have read our recent report on the peculiar and very expensive New Age painting that Ministry magazine made available in August 1990 to our conference evangelists, pastors, and church members (The Coming of the New Age Christ [WM-301]), will have had some advance warning of the kind of "training" that Ministerial Department and Ministry magazine officers are being indoctrinated into.

Because of the total lack of willingness on the part of conference or union leaders to do anything about the matter, in the spring of 1990, Terry printed a brief warning, entitled Omega, and began circulating it throughout the conference and elsewhere. The only response was a determination by the conference president to put Terry out of the church.

In that study, Terry covered the following points: (1) Pertinent Spirit of Prophecy quotations which we will reprint in this study, along with still others. (2) Quotations from a book by Roland Hegstad, warning against spiritistic inroads in the modern world, which we will quote here. (3) A warning about NLP, and Lab I and Lab 11, which we will also sound here, although in more detail. (4) A warning about certain training books, one of which we will cite as evidence that supernatural aid is given to those using these methods.

(5) A call for denominational action in regard to certain denominational leaders, which we will reprint here.

It is our hope that we may add to and provide a still wider circulation to the heartfelt warning that Terry Ross gave in Oregon. May our Father bless him and all like him who will stand for the right and protest the wrong in these last days of earth's history.

May it not be said of any of us that we were willing to remain neutral as an immense crisis gripped our church down here at the end of time. And, we might add, may God have mercy on those who placidly feel that "Christian love" requires continued silence on their part, at a time when spiritism, clothed with a thousand changes of raiment is entering our denomination.

Let us now consider the message of Terry's booklet, Omega, for which he was later disfellowshiped:

"Bringing the lesson right to our own doorsteps here in Oregon we must say, with breaking hearts and a prayer on our lips that what's happening in this conference has been calculated and well planned for some time.

The "Celebration" style of worship isn't something that just happened. Our men at the top of the Oregon Conference have been and may still be in the process of being trained; and have been studying with those who believe and practice Pentecostalism." -Omega, p. 4.

Terry directs our attention to a book by RR Hegsted written 17 years ago, in which he noted that spiritist forces are at work within the tongues movement churches:

"In 1974 Roland R. Hegstad wrote a book, entitled "Rattling the Gates." which deals specifically with the Charismatic movement and how it was trying to influence. Adventism. On page 47 of the book, Elder Hegstad is explaining .Matt. 7:13-23:

"In that day many will say to me, 'Lord, Lord, didn't we preach in your name, didn't we cast out devils in your name, and do many great things in your name?' Then I shall tell them plainly: 'I have never known you. Go away from me; you have worked on the side of evil!" (Matt. 7:1323, Phillips).

"Several points are worth pondering here. First, the false teachers are not operating from outside of the church, but from within. They are false religious teachers. -Omega, p.5.

Some people think that the spiritists are only outside the church. That little misconception can be costly. What is it that renders the charismatic churches so especially vulnerable to spiritism? It is the emphasis on emotion as the basis of Christian experience. Over two decades ago the present writer lived near the headquarters of a large charismatic church for about two years, and made acquaintance with a number of their members. They were nice people, but the emphasis on feelings and emotions as the vital basis of their religious experience was noteworthy.

That basic flaw is essentially the same that we find in the celebration-type meetings. Under the influence of such Sabbath morning worship services, the Christian experience of those who attend them gradually comes to depend on the emotional pick-up of the entertainment meetings, rather than a personal relationship with Christ. In such an environment, it is rather easy for spiritistic activities to be forthcoming.

 Significantly enough, the very leaders of the Adventist 3 celebration church movement in Oregon-are the leaders In introducing hypnotic training into our churches there!

Terry Ross said this:

"When the flood was about to destroy the antediluvian race, and Noah was faithfully proclaiming the straight testimony for his time, what were they doing?

" 'They (the antediluvians) used the probation so graciously granted them in ridiculing Noah. They caricatured him and criticized him. They laughed at him for his peculiar earnestness and intense feeling in regard to the judgments which he declared God would surely fulfill. They talked of science and of the laws controlling nature. Then they held a carnival over the words of Noah, calling him a crazy fanatic: (7BC 22 (1BC 1090)

"Yes, just before the antediluvians were destroyed by God they were singing and dancing, calling the message bearer a fanatic.

'And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall is be also in the days of the Son of man.' (Luke 17:26)

Did you notice that the Spirit of Prophecy said, 'minds will be hypnotized'? Satan is using hypnosis at this time in a tremendous effort to gain influence over our minds. ..

'This entering in of Satan through the sciences is well devised. Through the channel of phrenology, psychology, and mesmerism (hypnosis], he comes more directly to the people of this generation, and works with that power which is to characterize his efforts near the dose of probation. The minds of thousands have thus been poisoned, and led into infidelity. While it is believed that one human mind so wonderfully affects another, Satan, who is ready to press every advantage, insinuates himself, and works on the right hand and on the left. And while those who are devoted to these sciences laud them to the heavens because of the great and good works which they affirm are wrought by, them, they little know what a power for evil they are cherishing; but it is a power which will yet work with all signs and lying wonders with all deceivableness of unrighteousness. Mark the influence of these sciences, dear reader, for the conflict between Christ and Satan is not yet ended:' (2 SM 351-352)

The power of hypnotic suggestion and so-called "psychological analysis" is, in these last days, to "especially characterize his [Satan's) efforts near the close of probation'" What is the door through which men and women enter the practice of these devilish arts? What is it that permits them to be willing to dabble in it? First, is the belief that one human mind can "so wonderfully" affect another, as mentioned in the above quotation. A second is the strange, more-than-human power exhibited in it.

"When brought face to face with manifestations which they cannot but regard as supernatural, they will be deceived."-Great Controversy, 553.

A third is the fascination that, apart from God or obedience to His laws, man's mind can accomplish such extraordinary things.

"If there were no other evidence of the real character of spiritualism, it should be enough for the Christian that the spirits make no difference between righteousness and sin, between the noblest and purest of the apostles of Christ and the most corrupt of the servants of Satan:' Great Controversy, 556-557.

Should the people of God be taking courses in how to change human thoughts and attitudes--from men who do not believe in obedience to the law of God? Speaking of spiritualism, we are told:

"Thus, in place of the righteousness and perfection of the infinite God, the true object of adoration; in place of the perfect righteousness of His law, the true standard of human attainment, Satan has substituted the sinful, erring nature of man himself as the only object of adoration, the only rule of judgment, or standard of character. This is progress, not upward, but downward."-Great Controversy, pp. 554-555.

A fourth reason that men tamper with these forbidden things is, initially, curiosity. Then, gradually, they behold a more than human power at work, and before long they are taken in the snare.

"There are few who have any just conception of the deceptive power of spiritualism and the danger of coming under its influence. Many tamper with it merely to gratify their curiosity. They have no real faith in it and would be filled with horror at the thought of yielding themselves to the spirits' control. But they venture upon the forbidden ground, and the mighty destroyer exercises his power upon them against their will. Let them once be induced to submit their minds to his direction, and he holds them captive. It is impossible, in their own strength, to break away from the bewitching, alluring spell. Nothing but the power of God, granted in answer to the earnest prayer of faith, can deliver these ensnared souls."-Great Controversy, p. 558.

Yet a fifth reason why men venture near to spiritistic phenomena is the fact it is so well disguised. Eve thought she was talking to a snake, but she was actually talking to the devil. Men and women today imagine they are receiving instruction from "magnetic healers," "water witching experts," "mind-cure scientists," or, as in this case, from "personal counseling trainers," or "sales experts."


Whereas herbal remedies were developed and used in China, Japan, the Americas, and other parts of the world, hypnotism and chemical medications originated with the Hindus, Egyptians, and Babylonians.

"Hypnotism as therapy seems to have originated among the Hindus, who often took their sick to the temples to be cured by hypnotic suggestion or 'temple-sleep,' as in Egypt and Greece. The Englishmen who introduced hypnotherapy into England Braid, Esdaile and Elliotson' undoubtedly got their ideas, and some of their experience, from contact with India' . .

"The general picture of Indian medicine is one of rapid, development in the Vedic and Buddhist periods, followed, by centuries of slow and cautious improvement. . It is difficult to say how much Indian medicine owed to the physicians in the Near East; on the one hand certain remedies, like opium and mercury, and some modes of diagnosis, like feeling the pulse, appear to have entered India from Persia; on the other we find Persians and Arabs translating into their languages, in the eighth century A.D., the thousand-year-old compendia of Sushruta and Charaka. The great Caliph Haroun-al-Rashid accepted the preeminence of Indian medicine and scholarship, and imported Hindu physicians to organize hospitals and medical schools in Baghdad. Lord Amphthill concludes that medieval and modern Europe owes its system of medicine directly to the Arabs, and through them to India. Probably this noblest and most uncertain of the sciences had an approximately equal antiquity, and developed in contemporary contact and mutual influence, in Sumeria, Egypt and India.. "-Will Durant, Story of Civilization, Vol. 1, p. 532.

"The unfortunate reason we must bring up hypnotism at this time is because many of our pastors have been and will be trained in the craft of hypnosis. Yes, you read it correctly! Although plainly told in the Spirit of Prophecy that this is from the devil, many pastors, including some local ones, have, nonetheless, taken the training." Omega, 8.

There are five levels to these mystic arts:

Level 1: Certain men and women make a contract with Satan. In exchange for unusual guidance and power, they give him their life and their soul. From Satan they then learn various things which they write down. Here you will find occult sorcery, and ritual demonic practices.

Level 2: Other men read these writings and they write still more books on the subject, thus spreading the poisonous teachings still farther. In this category you will find sťances, and talking with "departed spirits,"-who are really demons.

Level 3: Reading the books, other men use this bewitching information for purposes of mesmerism. Here you will find what most people consider to be hypnotism, with its distinct sleep-tike trances.

Many people are afraid of the first three levels, but few realize the danger in Level 4 and 5.

Level 4: On this level, the hypnotic arts are transformed into apparent means of helping people, but they are openly stated to be hypnotic in function and effect. The leaders in these fields may not realize the source of what they are working with, and their followers may not realize it either. But that does not render it any the less harmful. Yet, here also, more than human manifestations are to be seen. This fascinates people and they study more deeply into it. When, later in this study, we analyze portions of a certain book, you will be startled to note the supernatural things that occur. Yet similar training sessions have been and are being taken by certain leaders in our church. On this level, the instructors openly declare that they are teaching non-sleep trance hypnosis, and that it is even more powerful than "classical" hypnosis.

Level 5: Only part of the hypnotic procedures are used on this level. Instead, it is mingled in with a variety of other things, much of which appears harmless.

We will begin with, what in our opinion, is Level 5: Dr. John S. Savage was a United Methodist minister who decided to take advanced training in the universities in various aspects of psychology, counseling, and similar areas. After acquiring four degrees from East Coast universities, he founded LEAD Consultants, Inc., of which he is president: A certified psychotherapist, he is now a "consultant to many churches, organizations, and corporations, working with educational designing, problem solving, conflict management, team teaching, and research." He is also a visiting professor at Princeton Theological Seminary and several other educational institutions.

His methods are not only used in industry and schools, but Protestant and Catholic churches are in keen demand of his services also. He presents his educational materials in training classes which he calls LAB I and LAB II.

"As a skilled designer of training systems, Dr. Savage, with other staff members, developed many significant training events for churches and business organizations. These include Calling-Caring Ministries (LABS I and II), Conflict Management and Resolution, Advanced Consultation Skills, One to One Witness Skills, The Evangelistic Consultant, The Christian Education Consultant, and Listening Skills for Business, Education, Medical Professions, and Couples."-Brochure, LEAD Consultants, p. 1.

For LAB I Savage trains pastors, local church leaders, and selected church members how to be "callers," and visit and reclaim former church members. Certain psychological techniques are taught for this purpose. The purpose is for local churches to form calling teams" to visit and sway former members to resume church attendance. According to one brochure, he trains "callers in skills, theology and caring." (At the top of that promotional brochure, he writes in capital letters: "EVANGELISM, CARING, CELEBRATION." Another brochure says his instruction includes "theological" knowledge. This theology is probably solidly modern Protestant, which, in our church, would be termed new-theology." in other words, you are saved as you are, and, in fact have already been saved, so come back to church!"

He also says his instruction will result in a "development in self-confidence" in those who attend his training sessions. It is also said to produce certain "skills" in "communication, perception checks, fogging," etc.


Satan wants to control human minds. He seeks to do this directly, and also through human beings who, in so doing, become his agents. Whenever one person seeks to control another person's mind, Satan is thereby given permission to control both minds! Hypnotism is thus only one of the means by which he seeks to control one mind through another. Licentious enticers, and men who seek to dictate to workers and members-are also engaged in mind control. In seeking to do so, they are immediately controlled by an evil spirit. For, to say it again: when one man seeks to control another man's mind, Satan is thereby given permission to control the controller's mind. It matters not whether the controller be a psychiatrist, physician, counselor, or pastor; in seeking to control the mind of another, his mind will be taken captive by Satan!

On yet a third brochure, even more information is given on the content of these LAB I classes. We are told that these skills will include "communication," "fogging," "negative inquiry, neuro-linguistics, paraphrase, perception check, story listening, story polarization listening." Elsewhere in this present study, we will reprint a few of these brochures.

On page 1 of the same brochure for LAB I, several strange, new things: "interpersonal gap, Neuro-Lingustic Training, process to debrief calls, fogging, stop action role play, role renegotiation, story polarizations, closure role play, return tracks, turtle interview, and religious journey interview,"

What is it all about? The stated purposes are to teach pastors and church members new methods of working with people, in order to bring them back into active church attendance. Yet it is by beholding that we become changed, in these last days, what is it that we should be beholding? Who should we permit to change us? Most significantly, LAB I and LAB II include various aspects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

What is that? It is a trademark name for an advanced series of training classes. In other words, level 5 teaches you part of Level 4. After taking level 5, you graduate to level 4 training. And by that time you have become a full-fledged hypnotist! Someone may reply, "This may be for the Protestants and Catholics, but surely, not for our church!"

The truth is that a number of our leaders have taken, are taking, or will soon take this coursework, which includes level 4 information on hypnotic procedures! On the 1989, 1990, and 1991 training schedules for LAB II, it showed two courses listed for our church. One of them is a LAB II course. At some earlier time, LAB I training must have been given to a sizable number of our leaders who attended it. We know this to be true, since LAB II can only be taken by those who have received careful instruction in LAB I.


On December 3-7, 1990, at Takoma Park, Maryland, by special arrangement with LEAD Consultants and Or. Savage, under the auspices of the Potomic Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, our leaders took a follow-up course in "Conflict Management and Corporate Pain. " But, on May 5-10,1991, at Takoma Park, they will take the most advanced course that Dr. Savage offers to the churches: LAB II.

According to a different brochure, "LAB II" is "the training of LAB I leaders"! LAB II graduates LAB I instructors! No one can take this expensive course unless they have earlier taken Savage's expensive LAB 1 course. They objective of LAB II is to train men and women so they can, themselves, begin training still others in LAB I techniques,-which includes Neuro-Linguistic Training! Looking at that training session schedule, you will note that Savage gave scheduled in advance five "Conflict .. Management and Corporate Pain" training courses for the year 1990. (Others were also given, not listed on this initial list.) Our leaders arranged in advance that they would receive one of them. The cost of this must have run into more than $10-$20,000! .

Looking over the names and locations on that schedule page, they vary all over the eastern half of America and Canada. From October 1989 to May 1991, only seven LAB II programs were listed well ahead of time.

 (Later in this study we shall learn that still more LAB I and LAB II seminars were also held during that time in Adventist churches on both the East and West Coasts.) LAB II must be extremely expensive, for in it, Savage is teaching others to do as he does. At the end of each course, he certifies the graduates to be able to teach his materials (probably with a franchise fee for each time they do so). Yet, over a span of 20 months, one of those earliest planned LAB II courses, given by the founder and president of LEAD and LAB I and II, was arranged to be given to our own leaders! It would be interesting to attend that meeting and see who will be there. Included will probably be a variety of conference officers from all across America. But, because you have not had LAB I training, you will not be permitted through the door into those meetings. (We will learn later in this study that LAB II instructor training courses have already been given in Adventist churches and conferences prior to May 1991.)

Keep in mind that LAB I and II instruction includes partial training in the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Training. That is what it says on the advertisement brochures.

Although they are part of the subject content, those receiving LAB I instruction may never recognize they are learning hypnotic techniques. That is because this is level 5.

By now, we are beginning to wonder: If this is Level 5, what is level 4?

To review the five levels once again:

Level 1: Direct communication with evil spirits by certain men and women, who then write down the instruction given them.

Level 2: Spiritualistic sťances by those who study these magic books.

Level 3: Classical hypnotism: Direct hypnotic sleep trances.

Level 4: Covert hypnotic activity with overt results: stealthy hypnotic techniques, carried out without the patient realizing he is being hypnotized. .

Level 5: Covert hypnosis, plus a variety of visitation and interview devices.

On Level 5, we find LAB I and II, in which certain Seventh day Adventist church leaders and workers are receiving instruction. Part of that training includes "Neuro Linguistic Programming" (NLP) which is level 4 material. You can know that graduates of LAB II-who by completing that course have become instructors of LAB I,-will now be anxious for advanced courses in NLP. That next course, solidly in Level 4, is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. On Level 4, the teachers dispense with discussions about "caring church" and "listening to pain,"-and go into a deeper study of the hypnotic personality-changing techniques that LAB I and II partially taught them.

Dr. Milton H. Erickson was a careful researcher into advanced techniques of hypnotism. He specialized in the study of that type of hypnosis, which could be used without the client knowing he was being hypnotized. Milton determined that the use of such "covert," as he called them, techniques would result in far more successful patient manipulation and mind-conditioning.

"ERICKSONIAN HYPNOSlS also called 'the new hypnosis,' based on the pioneering work of Dr. Milton H. Erickson. This style of hypnosis, is gentle, open-ended, and indirect. The hypnotic messages and suggestions are offered in a way that evokes powerful unconscious resources, yet is respectful of your individuality. " Advertisement brochure for "Changeworks Cassettes."

A number of sales organizations are making money by selling aspects of Erickson's hypnotic methods, known as Ericksonian hypnosis. This includes, among others, (1) Change works Cassettes of California; (2) LEAD Consultant's LAB courses, based in Ohio; and (3) New England Institute for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, In Massachusetts. They are apparently franchised to use Erickson's hypnotic techniques through the Milton Erickson Foundation, based in Arizona, which provides the field with ongoing research update reports and lecture seminars. In fact, there are enough of these Ericksonian promotional sales organizations in the field, that a professional association has even been established. Entitled, The National Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, it helps coordinate inter-organizational activities and communication interchange.

Here is data on some of these Ericksonian programs:

Change works: Changeworks Cassettes does just that: through hypnotic suggestion, it changes a person's thoughts and actions without his realizing what is taking place. It is being used and recommended by some Adventist church workers, especially those who have taken the LAB courses or the higher-level NLP seminars. From ad sheets from Changeworks, here are some quotations. Notice that the objective is to (1) quiet and confuse the mind, (2) then directly hypnotize it, (3) and then tell it what to do:

"Multiple Voices: Each multi-Evocation cassette features at least two voices speaking simultaneously during hypnosis. This is an innovative method which works especially well for rapid, easy trance induction and to help the analytical thinking mind to let go."

"Special Effects: The Tapes use music, advanced psycho-acoustic techniques, and state-of-the-art special effects to deepen the reality of your hypnotic experience. Some Changeworks cassettes feature 3-dimensional sound-specially processed effects that sound like they are actually happening in your presence. Listeners report that the realistic quality of sound puts them more fully into their hypnotic experience. "Multi-evocation tapes are used by therapists, doctors, hospitals, high schools, businesses, colleges, hypnotists, clients of hypnotists, regular people making changes." "Positive reviews and endorsements from [medical, new age, and hypnotic journals such as] Magical Blend; Medical Self Care; The New Times; Whole Earth Review; Common Boundary; Whole Life Monthly; Yoga Journal; Body, Mind, & Spirit" "Expanded Intuition Training will greatly enhance decision making, finding inner guidance, and improving relationships." Changeworks Cassettes brochures.

You are reading what NLP can do! THIS is Ericksonian hypnotic technique in action! Here are descriptions of what some of their cassettes will (shudder) do for you. Please keep in mind that the following is essentially the same as the premises, concepts, and objectives of all the other Ericksonian sales firms, including LAB I and II, which our church leaders are being trained into. This is because all these Ericksonian franchise firms are heavily based on the same hypnotic conceptual approaches.

"This cassette teaches you how to first identify and then interpret the language of your intuitions."

"This tape helps identify and work with any blocks or resistance you may have to use your intuition more often."

"This tape takes you on an inner journey to library where the sum total knowledge of the universe is stored. On Side B you can ask specific questions and receive answers from the library."

"Tape 5 introduces you to your Intuitive Guide, A being of personal significance to you, who will also answer questions. The tape is long, rich and leisurely: it will increase self-esteem, lower stress. and promote a deeper sense of security."

"Self-Hypnosis-for Reducing Your Stress: For a relaxing time out! This tape takes you to a magical place." .. A beautiful tape that offers a natural setting where you can experience the depths of confidence within your unconscious mind."

"Rapid Pain Control: A comfortable drug-free alternative to all types of pain. From chronic pain that drugs can't touch to low level nagging aches. . The tape combines the best of the 'new hypnosis' with 'Multi-Evocation' in a series of musical journeys to 3-D environments. It win bring fast relief to all kinds of pain and also works as an emotional mood elevator. No hypnotic experience necessary."

"This tape will help you learn faster and retain more of what you learn."

"This tape has 2 purposes: . . Chronic insomnia, as well as the occasional night when you just can't sleep. . . Once you are asleep, the tape will also enrich your dreams. . With this tape, you can not only solve problems, but get insights, resources, and have especially enjoyable dreams.

"Creative Inspiration takes you to a secret garden, a refreshing sanctuary from the world where you can contact the essence of creativity. The tone of this tape is quite spiritual. Its focus is on Artistic Creativity, freeing the creative spirit from its source within you. Changeworks brochures.

 Imagine an audiocassette that will let you ask it questions,-and then answers will come back from a being" who is your intuitive Guide ! Let me say it again, this is Ericksonian hypnosis, which is the basis of LAB I and II training. This is all part of Neuro-Linguistic Training, plus added exotic music and sound.

"Multi-Evocation" is a trademark word of Changeworks Cassettes.The word, evoke, means to call forth, or bring out." Using multiple speakers and a variety of strange music and tones, Changeworks Cassettes is designed to subtly change you through hypnotic techniques! Ericksonian hypnosis in action.

"The Creativity Unlimited Series uses Ericksonian Hypnosis, Multi-Evocation, and 3-0 Holophonic sound along with sequenced exercises and lectures." -Change works brochure.

"Multi-Evocation cassettes are so effective because 01 new and unique methods of learning. Each tape features: "ERICKSONIAN HYPNOSIS-also called 'the new hypnosis', based on the pioneering work of Dr. Milton H. Erickson. This style of hypnosis, is gentle, open-ended, and indirect. The hypnotic messages and suggestions are offered in a way that evokes powerful unconscious resources, yet is respectful of your individuality.



"SPECIAL EFFECTS- . ." Brochure for "Changeworks Cassettes."

LAB Courses: We have earthier discussed the LEAD Consultant LAB courses. Here is still more data on the type of courses which LEAD offers, some of which our leaders are taking in Takoma Park, Maryland. The following reprinted information from LEAD Consultants will show that their courses are solidly keyed to Ericksonian hypnosis.

You will only see the full implications of what LEAD teaches when, later in this study, we examine part of a book that LEAD highly recommends to LAB II students.

Here is what you will learn by taking one of the LEAD courses:

"Know much more about how other people learn, store, access, and use their human experiences by just observing their behavior. . Know the effect your presence and conversation is having on others by learning to read the non-verbal feedback they are constantly sending. "-LEAD brochure. '

This is the kind of things our leaders are delving into. For one "introductory workshop" on "level 1," LEAD teaches its students the following:

"Principles of Neuro-Linguistics: understanding the research, rationale, history and state-of-the-art of the (NLP) field.

"Rapport skills: body mirroring, voice and tonal matching, postural, gestural and facial positions and other useful techniques to develop and keep rapport, including pacing and leading.

"Sensory acuity: learning to notice and monitor the external beamers' accompanying another person's changing internal experiences.

"Representational systems: the way in which people internally represent the experiences of their lives. Also, the student learns to translate experiences expressed through one modality to another to greatly increase understanding and rapport..

"Predictaes: identifying and matching the most used sensory-based process words for purposes of insuring rapport and understanding.

"Meta model: learning the language patterns upon which Neuro-Linguistics is based, enabling you to detect and challenge the generalizations, distortions and deletions which so often lead to miscommunication, assisting you to transform low quality verbal 'maps' into high quality descriptions.

"Behavioral flexibility: creating and maintaining flexible personal approaches to problems and challenges in order to more systematically and consistently produce additional choices and options.

"Anchoring: establishing triggers for responses (pairing one thing with another) to increase one's choices for positive experiences and stronger resources.

"Accessing cues: noticing how people represent, experience, and access information they have learned, and systematically using these accessing cues to bridge to better communication."-LEAD brochure.

Advanced training from LEAD includes the following learnings:

"Hemispheric lateralization: . . Outcomes: . . Utilization: . . Calibration: enhancing 'people-reading' skills. . Fast phobia cure: . . Reframing: choosing the most beneficial perception of experiences from among the many possible interpretations, and reframing problematic behaviors and responses. . This (reframing) makes possible separation of a person from behavior, thus validating the person while choosing new approaches to their problem behaviors:'-LEAD brochure.

"Satir categories: learning to recognize another type of language pattern. . Metaphors: using language in multilevel fashion to maximally produce desired outcomes. . Incongruence: . . Identifying and changing 'calibrated loops' that lock in un-useful behavior. Polarities: . . Hypnosis: studying therapeutic language patterns in the Ericksonian mode, known as the Milton-Model, or the inverse of the Meta-Model. Self-hypnosis: learning to use personal trance for growth, learning, creativity, problem resolution and healing."-LEAD brochure.


It has seemed best to place the Spirit of Prophecy quotations referring to this topic in a separate tract which is being released simultaneously with this set. Entitled, The Dangers of Hypnotism [RS-9], it is a powerful compilation. In it, we are told that these various types of mind-control are bewitching, terrible, and we should have nothing to do with them. The Dangers of Hypnotism [RS-9] is a single sheet tract that should be shared widely with our people-before hypnotism comes to their local church, and when it does.

As you might guess, the term "meta" appears to be a code word for reaching, what the NLP practitioners call, the "unconscious." Sigmund Freud would have labeled it the "subconscious." As we continue, you will note that those dealing with NLP are far more concerned with reaching and affecting the meta-mind, than the reasoning, judging mind. And they explain why: it provides them with something of a sneak attack on the brain, enabling changed beliefs, motives, standards, likes, and dislikes to be more easily instilled in the mind.

"Sub-modality distinctions: learning to determine the various chunked-down elements in representation experience. Key Criteria: discerning a person's internal set of criteria by which that person makes key judgments, decisions and choices. Interventions: based on sub-modality distinctions to bring about more helpful, healthy adaptations. Interventions include working with a person's core beliefs. . Language: directing your language to have maximum effect and impact upon the person or situation at hand in terms of altering sub-modalities usefully. Strategies: eliciting, marking and working with the sequences of activities in a person's representational systems that have become functional units of behavior."-LEAD brochure.

"Sub-modalities" and "intervention" are two other frequently-found words in the NLP vocabulary. The first means the "unconscious;" the second means to reach down into the unconscious and make changes in it, thus changing both the feelings, objectives, and conclusions of both the unconscious and conscious mind.

Please do not think that the persons taking these training courses only listen to lectures and ask questions! They also practice on each other. Such courses produce seasoned hypnotists. This is the objective of NLP instruction.

New England Institute for Neuro-Linguistic Programming: We have noted that LEAD Consultants base their methods on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), as initially developed by Milton Erickson. We have found that brochures for their courses contain essential Ericksonian elements. In the materials by LEAD Consultants and Changeworks, we have already overviewed some of the NLP content. But here is more information on Ericksonian hypnosis, franchised to various practitioner firms under this name, Neuro- Linguistic Programming. We will provide you with this data in connection with materials distributed by The New England Institute for Neuro- Linguistic Programming. The basic raw material for NLP was extracted from research into deep hypnosis by Dr. Milton Erickson. Because many people are afraid of sleep-like hypnotic trances, Erickson had as his objective the placing of people in a non-sleep hypnotic trance, so that the very same objectives could be accomplished as in deep hypnosis.

"The person most responsible for advancing the field of hypnosis was Dr. Milton Erickson. This extraordinary person showed us how to use hypnosis to meet therapeutic goals more effectively. He taught us that we can communicate with the whole person by reaching both the conscious and unconscious levels. Erickson also taught us how to utilize and bypass client 'resistance' by embedding therapeutic interventions in seemingly casual conversation." -NEINLP brochure.

Someone will ask, "What can be wrong with LAB I and LAB II training, when all they do is teach you how to visit homes and get people to come back to church?" In reply we say, read again the above quotation. We will repeat it for you:

"This extraordinary person showed us how to use hypnosis to meet therapeutic GOALS more effectively. He taught us that we can communicate with the whole person by reaching BOTH the conscious and unconscious levels. Erickson also taught us how to utilize and BYPASS client 'resistance' by EMBEDDING therapeutic interventions in SEEMINGLY CASUAL conversation." -NEINLP brochure.

(By "therapeutic, " is meant getting people to do what you want them to do, either in attitude, belief, action, or physical changes. (We will learn later that Ericksonian hypnosis is also used for sudden healings.) Interestingly enough, Although Erickson, himself, is a reputed master at "therapeutic" hypnosis, yet the book we will later consider, mentions in passing that he is now confined to a wheelchair. He is now practicing hypnosis on those who come to him for help--simply by telling them stories! More on this later.)

Are you now beginning to grasp the significance of NLP? Ericksonian hypnosis is carried on through casual conversation, not regular hypnotic sessions (in the trade known as "classical hypnosis"). People are hypnotized into doing things they might not otherwise do during the course of a casual conversation.

Later in this study we will discover, in a book recommended by LEAD (producers of the LAB courses), that more-than-human power and ability is apparent in the methods and results of Ericksonian hypnosis. When we earlier considered Changeworks Cassettes (which is the application of NLP to audiocassettes), we found that a "being" or "Guide" was present, and would answer specific questions. Do not underrate Ericksonian hypnosis! LAB I, LAB II training, and the other NLP coursework is not something to toy with, and it is not something our people should be involved with.

The research by Milton Erickson was later expanded by Richard Sandler and John Grinder. They took his findings, and combined them with discoveries made by other "masters," (That is another code word.) Hypnotism involves communicating what you want another to do, and getting him to do it. Well, do we not try to do that all the time? Yes, but hypnotism is getting him to do what you want, whether or not he had intended to do it; whether or not he knew why. Instead of force or coercion, hypnotic mind control is used to change actions and beliefs. "How do people who are masters in communicating and effecting changes in others achieve their excellence? It was in pursuit of the answers to this question that NLP began . .

"In the early 1970s, Dr. Richard Bandler and R. John Grinder through careful study of acknowledged masters of communication and change such as Drs. Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, Gregory Bateson, and Fritz Perts, discovered what made these individuals so effective, and in the process developed the field of Neuro-LInguistic Programing . .

"There is a growing body of patterns for accomplishing specific desired changes in emotions, beliefs, thinking strategies, and behavior. In accomplishing all of this, NLP fosters an attitude of respectful fascination for the unique way in which each person creates his or her own experience."-New England Institute of NLP, brochure.

The second paragraph, above, was very important. It is clear that the Ericksonian passive-type hypnotism is actually far worse than classical hypnosis, which puts people into a trance. Its intensity is due to the fact that it operates more subtly, and can be repeated over a period of time. The reason it can be so easily repeated is that people do not realize they are being hypnotically worked on. The result can be devastating. Why? Because, according to the above statement, it can change your beliefs, your behavior, the way you feel about things, and the way you think! What else is left? What is the difference between a historic Adventist and a hardened criminal? The difference is your beliefs, your behavior, the way you feel about things, and the way you think! All your life experience is summarized in those factors. They represent your distinct personality. Those are the factors, which will determine your future destiny; whether or not you will be saved.

Although Richard Bandler and John Grinder somewhat modified and made Ericksonian hypnosis less obtrusive and therefore more effective, yet it was Milton Erickson which laid the foundation for this modern hypnotism which has become a hot franchise and sales item.

"The person most responsible for advancing the field of hypnosis was Dr. Milton H. Erickson. This extraordinary person showed us how to. . utilize and bypass client resistance by embedding therapeutic interventions in seemingly casual conversation.

"Perhaps most importantly he taught us that each person is an individual and psychotherapy should be more compatible with the way each person structures his or her own experience."-Same brochure.

The sentence in each of the above two quotations is significant. Ericksonian hypnosis works so effectively by starting with your present likes, dislikes, belief system, and feelings, hooking you emotionally through them, and then turning you toward whatever new direction the hypnotic manipulator wishes to take you,

Is all this moral? No, it is outside the realm of morality and has nothing to do with it. Why can I say that? First; because when a hypnotist-any hypnotist-takes you from one emotion/logic system to another, he did it apart from moral considerations. He did it simply because that is what he wanted to do. Second, because, nowhere in the hypnotic change-over did he ever concern himself with convincing you of a new belief pattern. He just gave it to you, outside of and away from your conscientious judgment. Think about that awhile. Hypnotism, whatever form it may take, always dangerous.