Reaping the Whirlwind

Where is the Occult Deluge Taking us?


"There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother. There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness. There is a generation, O how lofty are their eyes! and their eyelids are lifted up. There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men. Proverbs 30:11-14

Since the Harry Potter abomination hit the fan a few years ago, there have been a few voices trying to sound a warning that all is not well, indeed--nothing is well about our society being so infatuated with evil and the supernatural. This ministry has placed online websites telling the truth about the supernatural, its source, its aims, its effects, and its destiny. If you have not visited them we would invite you to drop in and have a browse. (  and )

  People with real spiritual insight realize it is much too late and much too little because the seed has been sown and the whirlwind is coming fast and partly already here. Where the protest was needed was decades ago when cute witches and wizards and 'the magic kingdom' first came into theaters and later the TV. When you step away from God's Truth and His Principles it is always like taking the first step onto a waterslide--no matter how much you may not intend to go to the bottom--you will have no choice in the matter. Of all people on earth, Seventh-day Adventists should have known enough to stay away from occult waterslides! But I am sad to say, little by little the ideas of 'cute magic' and so on have infiltrated our ranks just as much as the world.

Through the years since establishing 'harrypottermagic' we have, of course, received many e-mail comments. I think you deserve to know the facts about these comments. Most, as you would expect, are irate and protesting our speaking against HP and like literature--it is a type of blasphemy as far as they are concerned.

Many letters come from people in Wicca, witchcraft covens and pagan New-Age activities. These letters are so similar that you get the feeling that only one brain controls all these folk.

The next class are the fantasy and entertainment addicted who feel that there is no affect whatever made to the character or mind by what one reads or watches. This group really is the one to blame for the approaching whirlwind of wickedness --their 'Oh its just a story, just in fun' attitude has paved the road for wickedness to sweep our world.

The nastiest letters received are from two classes: Practicing witches and Seventh-day Adventists. No, its not a typo folks - next to witches the nastiest letters have come from professed SDAs.

Do we get encouraging letters? Yes, occasionally we get letters from young people who have headed the warning and are grateful and a few parents have rejoiced in finding someone taking a stand against this evil targeting the young. Some have told how the minute they saw HP advertised, they recognized it as demonic. Yes, the Holy Spirit has a few hearts in Christianity that are tuned in and God can warn them.

The commonest type of feedback by far are those saying that HP has no affect on character except to promote love and the importance of friendship. Here is what happened this week (1st October 2006) Day one I receive one such letter telling me that I should show better respect to Harry Potter and there is no way that it has a bad effect on children. They also stated that these stories in no way cause children to want to get into witchcraft or spiritualism. I deleted it as I have learned that it is a waste of valuable time to respond to these folk. (We are warned NOT to dialogue with spiritualists and that is what these people really are whether or not they know it.)

Day 2 I receive this information from a person that is observing some rather ominous signs of the approaching whirlwind. Here is this unsolicited eye-witness report:

How close to the end?
 Let me tell you how close.   Last week some of my students got on the bus, sat down and one of them asked the others this question:  "What would you rather do, STRANGLE A BABY GIRL, OR KILL A DOG."  They all began to discuss this question with lots of laughter and a chilling coldness.  One girl piped up and said:  "It would depend on if the baby girl had cancer, then it would make more sense to kill her."   Then I heard several of them discuss different way to murder and kill.  Then one of the boys said:  "I would like to go to a slaughter house, you know where they butcher cows for meat, and I would like to take a knife and just stab one of the cows to watch it die, they are going to be butchered and die anyhow."  He was not joking.
That conversation is no lie or exaggeration.  It shows you just how wicked and perverse this generation is.  Today I heard sexually explicit language from a bunch of them, they usually try not to let me hear, because I will give them a conduct negative report but today they were carelessly loud, and I would not repeat what I heard for it would make me and you blush.   Earlier in the day two girls were on the bus themselves, and they were chatting back and forth about how one of the girls just hates another girl, and how she beat her up, and then she made comment about how she 'slept' with that girls boyfriend.   These teens HAVE NO SHAME, NO GUILT.  50 years ago we tried to keep things secret, but not today.  Everything is OK....I even have a boy on my bus who wore a skeleton scarf over his face to school, and not for Halloween.  Today if they are into witchcraft they do not hide it....but flaunt it...if they are homosexual they flaunt shame, and they are very disrespectful to adults.
They are putting rings in their lips, noses, and all over their bodies.  Some of them are making their earlobes big like the natives in Africa used to do.  One of the students has his earlobes so big now that he had his pen poked through the hole while walking beside my bus.
There are some quiet good kids, but they are in the minority...Remember when the children came out and mocked Elisha?  That is what this generation is like...Horrible.   And, with all the senseless crimes taking place right now I believe THAT THE TIME IS NOW FOR THE END TIME EVENTS TO START HAPPENING.   LINDA
I should have also said that is is NORMAL EVERYDAY TALK on my school bus..... 

Same Day I received a pathetic little letter from a child just pleading with me to teach her witchcraft and/or magic because she loves it so much. Folks--this deluge is getting those inclined to wickedness, yes--But it is also getting the innocent but ignorant little ones who think that if they could learn magic or become a psychic they could help people.

You may be tempted to say that the above letter is an isolated happening: Oh No friends! it is everywhere like flood waters overflowing a swamp. I spoke to a man that lives many miles from me and he told me that he has overheard the same type of grossness and horror from youngsters passing his home.

Not long ago when traveling in another area I had stopped at a road service facility and while waiting for the washroom, I came face to face with the strangest sight I ever saw outside of pictures of darkest heathenism--a teenage boy with a face so full of metal rings and devices inserted into his skin that your first impulse is pity like you would feel for a mangled victim of an explosion! The other day even in my area far from major cities, I saw a teen with masses of occult symbols tattooed over his hands and arms, and they were not the washable type either. I hope our people know that the marking of the body and the wearing of rings etc. in the skin is a sign of allegiance to Satanic forces.

The last five years has witnessed the explosion of Halloween into the biggest even of the year and instead of a few children going door to door for candy (which was bad enough) Not every one has to design and have their costume and they are worn to WORK even in hospitals, schools and banks!

A week ago I entered a store and the Halloween objects and masks were so vile and so hideous that one would fear frightening small children out of their minds or even to death! (It HAS actually happened!)

Dear readers, if you have been guilty of thinking any occult or fantasy story or activity is 'just for fun', then please repent and seek the Lord for cleansing while you still can! Are fantasy or fictional videos, games, books or pictures in your home? Get them out! Devils can stay with their stuff and God cannot bless a people with the light we have received who will still excuse what is unreal and untrue as 'harmless fun'.

The next thing you must do if you want to be protected by God when the whirlwind really hits, is to PROTEST each and every deviation into fantasy and any reference to magic, occult or the world of witches and wizards that tries to enter your home, school or church. Educate others as to the truth about spiritualism and what the devil is doing with all this 'cute' but deadly poison.

A time of trouble is coming such as the world has never seen before! Prophecies in the Bible indicate that the women and children are going to be the main source of the horror. Why? Because never before have our children been systematically trained from babyhood to torture, kill and destroy by some of the most sophisticated entertainment equipment that has ever cursed the earth. Little hearts have been hardened to sympathy by watching cruelty and death thousands of times over by the time they are even toddlers. Never before has feminism, (including goddess worship) which is totally spiritualist in origins and goals, been so devastatingly powerful in our society.

Be AWARE that the seemingly innocent practices of wearing a little idol-pinned to your clothes--having 'an angel on your shoulder' is just as much breaking the 2nd commandment as any heathen breaks it. Cute little pictures of baby-faced angel with little bare bums, delicate fairies and so on have no part with God's true people. When we bring any supernatural item or occult practice into our lives and homes, we open a keyhole or even a whole door to Satan to enter to bring darkness, confusion and misery.

In connection with the last message comes the information that God is going to seek to 'turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.' Mal 4:6. It is a desperate, last ditch stand on the part of God to turn back the approaching nightmare! Fathers, take heed! If you have been careless, leaving the training of children largely to your wife, wake up! Take a good look and take a solid stand for your home on the side of the Lord.

Time is running out--the clouds are dark-- the whirlwind is coming. Are you TOTALLY on the Lord's side? Or do you love your little pet demons, 'just for fun'?