The New World Disorder

 After September Eleven 


A Civil and Economic Perfect Storm

Unlike our normal tracts, this one is not a documentary. Instead, I will present my view of the present situation, including a number of unique opinions. However, I believe you will find it very interesting.

I have told people for years that the last half of the 20th century was the chemical age. In the soil, water, food, and air, we have all suffered from the effects. But now we have entered the terrorist age. All the worst of earlier decades is still with us. But now another horror has been added.

How much more of this can humanity take? Everywhere, there are guns and weapons, both old and strangely new.

As late as the 1950s, it did not seem that the world was in bad enough shape for the Second Advent to occur very soon. But in every decade since then, the situation has radically worsened.

One terrible possibility after another has developed. Yet, for anyone willing to admit it, the root cause is the ever-mounting indecent immorality. As the moral evils of mankind increase, Satan is permitted to move on men's minds to invent new terrors.

Even nature is becoming a terrible threat. Prior to about 1989, there had only been one or two billion-dollar natural disasters. Since then, there have been close to a dozen. Inspiration tells us that Satan has experimented with the forces of nature; and, as we near the end, he will be permitted to wreak more and more havoc through natural forces.

But, once again, it is mans increasing immorality which permits Satan to do this.

In July, I was impressed that I must write a book on the rapidly accelerating increase in technology and evil--which was certain to shortly produce national crises, primarily due to terrorism, of a most formidable nature.

The morning I was packing the completed book manuscript to be sent off, a worker ran in from the other office and announced that one of the World Trade Center buildings had been struck by a plane. More news quickly followed.

I have asked our printing house to expedite the pre-press and press operations and get it to us as soon as possible. We will receive it about the 10th of October. As soon as we send you an announcement sheet, you can begin ordering it. (We will try to enclose it in this mailing.) It is, to say the least, a startling book--yet it contains the full third angels message, at extremely low cost to you.

Six died in a Muslim terrorist attack on the Trade Center in 1993. A second one, in 1998, killed hundreds when bombs exploded at U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. In 2000, the crew of the U.S.S. Cole was attacked at a rest stop in Yemen.

Large numbers of Muslims may be very nice people; it is a fact that intelligence experts declare them to be the most dangerous people in the world today. But few people seem to know why.

Several days ago, a Christian teacher in Texas was interviewed. Raised in the Near East as a Muslim, he experienced a total conversion to Christ. In the interview, he said there are only two religions determined to conquer the world on behalf of their religion: Christianity, which uses evangelism to do it, and Islam, which relies on warfare. That is what the man said. He ought to know. Contrary to some reports in the media, the Islamic holy books say that the highest level of happiness in heaven is reserved for the martyrs who die in battle against the infidel.

Jesus Christ said the two greatest commandments were love to God and love to one another. On one occasion, Mohammad was asked what was the greatest commandment. Studying and obeying the Koran and other holy books was the answer. He was then asked what was the second greatest commandment. Eliminating those who rejected those books was the reply.

Noting that, at the religious service held at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., one person prayed to the God of Abraham, Mohammad, and the Christ; the converted Muslim said that was not true: The god of Mohammad is not the God of Abraham and Christians, he said.

At 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday, September 11, a Boeing 767 went directly into the center of the North Tower. At 9:06, a second 767 went into the South Tower.

As soon as the first tower was hit, many began leaving the second tower. But what about the first tower? Some on the upper floors found the exits locked; later, when they were unlocked some managed to exit down the stairs. The stairways were not properly marked, so many had difficulty knowing which ones went all the way to the bottom.

As soon as the first impact occurred, a general announcement was received to not exit by the stairs, but wait for instructions as to what to do. A few ignored the instructions and went down the stairs past the flaming area. A second announcement never came, and many above the fire later jumped to their deaths, when earlier they could have used the stairs.

Then there were the firefighters. As soon as the first explosion occurred, they rushed to the scene and began climbing the stairs. Descending survivors reported meeting them on the 50th floor or higher.

Yet, when he was interviewed, an officer at the Seattle ironworks (which in the late 1960s and early 1970s built the twin towers) said it was a fact well-known to structural engineers that, if the temperature of a fire in the building reached 1200o F.,the steel would weaken and the building would collapse!

Why was that information not given to city planners, building managers, and firefighters in New York City?

Although some were separated by hundreds of miles, all four jetliners took off from three different airports within 12 minutes of one another (7:58, 7:59, 8:01, and 8:10 a.m.)! How is that for careful planning? We are told that, in preparation for September 11, the hijackers had flown those routes several times.

Much is said of the heroic acts of many on that dreadful day. But among the greatest heroes, if we may use the word, were four men, one of whom has hardly been mentioned in the news.

Why? because he was a praying Christian.

At 8:01 a.m. American Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757, departed Newark, New Jersey, for San Francisco with 38 passengers and 7 crew members. Why it went all the way to a little past Akron, Ohio, before turning around, we will never know. As we will learn below, its pilot was not one to easily turn the plane over to the terrorists.

But when it did turn around, it headed for Washington, D.C.

It is possible that the hijackers aboard Flight 77 had cell phoned the Flight 93 hijackers that they were going to hit the Pentagon instead of the White House which, according to government officials, they had originally targeted. The Pentagon crash occurred at 9:40 a.m., an hour and a half after both planes took off. So there was time for such a communication.

But there was also time for another communication. Todd Beemer, an earnest Christian among the passengers on Flight 93, was ordered to the back of the plane.

Information is sparse, but he phoned 911. During the conversation, which lasted 13 minutes, he told of the hijacking, said he and his friends were going to keep the jetliner from crashing in D.C., recited the 23rd Psalm, prayed in the hearing of the 911 operator as his three friends stood nearby. His last words were, All right, boys, ready? Lets roll, and the line went dead.

We have the above information from a report by one Christian radio station. The secular media has little to say about Beemer and nothing about his Christian experience. Beemers wife, Elisa, said he worked for Oracle, in southern California, and was a faithful Sunday School teacher.

Here is printed information we have from other sources on the final minutes of Flight 93:

At 9:58 the Westmoreland County emergency-operations center, 35 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, received a frantic cell-phone call from a man who said he was locked in the rest room aboard United Flight 93. Glenn Cramer, the dispatch supervisor, said the man was distraught and kept repeating, we are being hijacked! We are being hijacked! He also said this was not a hoax. Time, September 11, 2001, unnumbered page, article: If You Want to Humble an Empire.

We have a second article which also does not mention Beemer. Keep in mind that these men aboard Flight 93 had learned, from cell phone calls, that theirs was no ordinary hijacking: They were going to die whether they quietly waited for it to happen or whether they stormed the terrorists.

I know were all going to die. We are going to do something about it. That's what Tom Burnett told his wife Deena. Burnett was one of 38 passengers and seven crew members aboard hijacked United Airlines Flight 93, and he was not the only person to relay information to a loved one. In first-class seat 4D, public relations executive Mark Bingham used an airplane phone to call his mother. Mom, this is Mark Bingham, he said, so rattled that he included his last name. Three guys have taken over the plane, and they say they have a bomb. Back in coach, Jeremy Glick phoned his wife Lyzbeth to say, Three Arab-looking men with red headbands had taken over the cockpit.

Flight 93 was the last of the hijacked planes to meet its fate. All three passengers knew about the attacks on the World Trade Center. Did they do what we think they did? Did three strangers on a flight in distress band together to fight their captors and ditch the Boeing 757 before it could harm untold thousands?

Investigators have recovered Flight 93's black boxes, and they may tell us something definitive. But those closest to Burnett, Bingham and Glick say they don't need confirmation. You'd have to know Mark, says Bingham's aunt Kathy Hoglan. I'm sure he and the others did something to stop this. He knew that stopping them was going to end all of their lives, says Jeremy Glick's brother-in-law Douglas Hurwill. But that was my brother-in-law. He was a take-charge guy. Deena Burnett says, I know without a doubt that the plane was bound for some landmark and that they saved many, many more lives than were lost on that plane.

Other relatives of people on Flight 93 have spoken up too and assigned their loved ones a heroic narrative. Those of the captain, Jason Dahl, say he would never have allowed hijackers to take control of his plane without a fight. But there is something about the similarities of these three passengers that makes the portrait of them as confederates perfectly imaginable. All three were large, athletic, decisive types. Bingham, 6 ft. 5 in., played rugby when at the University of California, Berkeley, and still played for the San Francisco Fog, an amateur team. Glick, 6 ft. 4 in., was a national collegiate judo champion, according to the website of the software firm for which he was a sales manager. Burnett, 6 ft. 1 in., was a former high school football player and an executive of a medical-devices firm. All three were nimble, successful, charismatic, self-elected leaders--the kind that have a knack for finding one another.

Wed like to think they did it. We may never know. Yet Glick's last words to his wife Lyzbeth, like Burnett's vow of action to his wife, make us want to believe they prevailed, taking Flight 93 down in a Pennsylvania coalfield far from any metropolis. Were going to rush the hijackers, said Glick. Then he put down the phone. Time, September 24, 2001, p. 68.

It is now believed that the terrorists on Flight 93 were planning to take it into the White House. America owes a lot to the men who kept that from happening, even though the fourth man and his prayer is rarely mentioned.

Think not that it is Arab terrorists who are our greatest enemies; we are.

Four terrible menaces have dramatically increased within the past 15 years:

1 - Gambling. It is now in nearly every state in the Union; and, in most, it is promoted by state governments in the form of lotteries! Words cannot describe how ruinous this is to our nation. Bankruptcies, damaged marriages, business theft, and suicide are running rampant because of the easy availability of this horrible habit.

When evil men gather together a lot of money, they become a power in the halls of Congress, at the White House, and in state legislatures. Gambling profits are buying protection from leaders who could close down the casinos.

2 - Pornography. This is another entrancing evil which, thanks to the Internet, is now endemic--not only in America but throughout the world. A lot of money is always to be made in the delivery of sin.

Payoffs have even been made to those in charge of the American Library Association. Its officers mandate that every library in America provide every kind of evil book and unfiltered internet connection to the youth and adults of the land.

3 - Abortion. By the mid-1980s, more Americans had been killed by legal abortionists than had died in all U.S. wars. Yet the crime had only been legal since 1973. While widespread gambling destroys people financially and pornography ruins their morals, abortion hardens people, so they do not value human life.

4 - Homosexual perversion. As if the above three were not enough, there is a powerful political drive in America to advance the interests of the homosexuals. In my 61-page book, The Gay Takeover of America, I detail the early 1970s plan to use the legislatures and schools to forward this strange sin. Until the late 1980s, the concern was to legitimatize sodomy; but since then--powerful forces have been at work to require that the youth in public schools be taught how to do it!

Many other evils could be mentioned; but, in view of the above four--all of which were relatively insignificant in the 1950s, can anyone wonder why God permits terrorists to attack America? We are like Sampson, who gave his strength to a lewd woman.

Yet none dare speak up. As Pat Robertson concurred, Jerry Fallwell mentioned homosexuality as a sin which prepared us for the attacks. Both quickly retracted their statements when the news media commented negatively about their remarks. In America today, while worldlings hanker after sin and Christians are silent, our enemies prepare to destroy us.

Let us next turn our attention to the economic impact of the September 11 disaster. All the official indicators that we are in a depression had been met prior to that date. But the attacks thrust us far lower. (Last week alone, the stock market lost $1.4 trillion.)

Especially significant are two factors: Americans are now fearful to spend money and travel. Both greatly reduce personal spending and business activity. This fear of movement will continue for quite some time, especially as additional attacks, even though sporadic, occur.

Two other economic factors continue to loom large, even though not discussed very much:

1 - All through the late 1980s and 1990s, we have sent more and more of our manufacturing operations overseas. America is stripped bare. The talk has been that we are now service oriented. That means all we can do is wait on one another! In the years ahead, this trend will greatly hurt us in several ways. I consider this one of the most ominous economic problems confronting our nation. Yet you will hear little about it in the media.

2 - We are flooded with illegal immigrants. No nation can do well under such conditions. There is little work for our citizens, yet Bush says we need more immigrants to do the work that is still available.

Prior to September 11, President Bush was in the doldrums. Not one--not one--of his legislative plans was going to succeed. They were all destined to be rewritten or vetoed by the Senate.

But now he is presidential. Instead of having to chase rabbits all over Capitol Hill, he can focus on just two things--both outside the District: national security and overseas attacks. Congress does not dare oppose either, and the public fully supports his efforts. Amid such a wave of approval, he is likely to be reelected in 2004--unless too many Americans die overseas in missions that seemingly accomplish little.

Next we turn our attention to security problems in the U.S. Although serious trouble may be ahead, when my printing-house representative in New York City told me she would be afraid to fly on an airliner now. I replied that after September 11 it is probably the safest means of public transportation in America today.

Our country is actually far safer at this time than it was a month ago! For the first time since World War II, every government surveillance, interrogation, and police agency is focused on people from the Near East.

Oh, yes, Sabbathkeepers may one day soon be the target. But, just now, the eyes of the nation are on Muslims here and abroad.

The greater flight problem is with the small airports, of which there are thousands in our nation. It would be easy to load a light plane with explosives and fly into buildings. It would be easy to take a spray plane, designed to carry heavy loads, and spill chemicals or anthrax over a city.

It would also be easy to pour deadly substances into city water supplies. Car and truck bombs could still be used. Railroad tracks could be damaged.

The ongoing terrorization of Israel has taught the Muslims a few lessons. They intend to use them. Need you and I fear? Not a bit. Why? First, we have the Lord to take care of us. Second, we live where Inspiration told us to live: secluded rural locations.

It is highly significant that the terrorist threat is bringing the nations together! When was the last time this happened? Not even in World War II, when the world was divided into two armed camps.

The fact that 6,000 people from over 60 nations died in the Trade Center attacks, only added to the sense of unity.

Every nation, fearing to have its largest buildings destroyed by terrorists, supports Americas concern. Yet few are willing to provide too much overt support, lest the terrorists take aim at them.

Can you not see how easy it would be for Satan to bring the nations together during the little time of trouble, after the first (U.S.) National Sunday Law has been enacted? At that time he will have great power to influence people through a combination of signs, wonders and healings, on one hand, and natural and man-made disasters on the other. Read our End Time Series, which contains the largest categorized collection of Spirit of Prophecy statements on last-day events.

Lastly, we consider the U.S. response to terrorism. This one will also produce problems, massive ones. Ironically, if the White House focused on protecting our citizens and not responding overseas until it could catch or assassinate Bin Laden, we would be the safest here.

But Bush is dispatching thousands of troops, planes, and equipment; and Americans fully support his action. This will probably produce two unfortunate effects:

1 - There will be heavy losses of life in Afghanistan, with the likelihood that our forces will become bogged down in campaigns and skirmishes. This will produce a reaction back home.

2 - An even greater reaction will occur at that time among Muslim citizens. Individuals may join the terrorist network throughout the world. Muslim governments may eventually yield to their aroused citizens and officially denounce American counterattacks.

A related problem is the massive number of Muslims already in the U.S.: over a million. It has recently been reported that anyone can get into our country on a student visa, and once inside he can go anywhere and do anything--and never leave.

We have here a very serious situation.

As U.S. citizens react to sporadic chemical, biological, gas, and munitions attacks here and there in the country, they will become angrier at Muslims in our nation. In reaction, some young Muslim men may join the terrorist ranks. All these are possibilities.

When one world ended on 8:45 a.m. on September 11, another began. Friends, we are very close to the end.

It is time to pray. It is also time to encourage your loved ones to move out of the large cities.