Where America is Headed 


Did you ever wonder where America is headed, now that religion is increasingly prohibited and vileness is increasingly praised?

It is not difficult to find out. All we need do is go to California.

The state is so blessed with ports, good soil, good climate, and stored water in its mountains, that, if it were a separate nation, it would be the sixth largest country in gross national product.

Yet the citizens of that state have permitted their government to turn the land into a haven for every evil and hateful bird.

Delaine Laston is State Superintendent of Public Education. She opposes homeschools; yet she supports lowered academic standards and encourages homosexual-sensitivity training in public schools.

Her party (Democrat) also controls the governors chair and both chambers of the California legislature. Working together, in just four years they have passed one law after another which threatens traditional morality, religious freedom, free-market economics, and the unborn.

It is now state law that:

All K-12 schoolchildren must be taught to "appreciate" various sexual orientations. Yes, you read it right: Even kindergarten and first- and second-grade students are told the how's and why's of sodomy.

Nonprofit groups, such as the Boy Scouts, that refuse to hire homosexuals may be fined up to $150,000 per incident.

Evil people have taken control of our most populous state, and no one complains. In fact, they keep voting back into office the very politicians who have shown themselves to care little about morality. We know what the leaders of California are like; it is the voters that we cant figure out. Why do they allow this to continue?

Here are more state laws:

School sports teams that object to homosexual or transsexual (men dressing like women, etc.) behavior may be barred from participating in California Interscholastic Federation sports.

Public-school teachers and counselors must identify children with the potential to be "intolerant" of homosexuality. Such problem students must be referred for retraining sessions by counselors.

All taxpayers must fund marriage-equivalent benefits for homosexual partners of state employees.

A persons "gender" is whatever he or she says, regardless of biology.

California leads the nation in enacting state laws which require a liking for homosexuality.

Over the past four years, the number of "gay-rights" bills considered annually in all states more than doubled, from about 130 to nearly 300, according to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. The bills range from legalizing gay adoption and granting marital rights to same-sex partners, to preventing contractors who object to homosexual behavior from bidding on state projects.

But states with a balance of liberal and conservative powers have been able to limit the advance of gay-rights laws while passing some bills which benefit those with HIV/AIDS.

For example, New York State Democratic lawmakers introduced 41 pro-gay bills in 2001, more than any other state. But because Republicans held a majority in the state Senate and Republican George Pataki occupied the governors chair, only one of these laws (one related to HIV) passed.

But California enacts such pro-homosexual laws far easier: 22 in the last four years-- more than any other state in the nation.

Similar liberal legislation (in California they call it "progressive") deals with abortion, taxes, and the environment.

Four openly lesbian lawmakers have become especially influential. They are Assemblywomen Christine Kehoe, Carole Migden, Jackie Goldberg, and Senator Sheila Kuehl.

Did you know that a bill is now advancing, through Democratic-controlled committees in Sacramento, which will make abortion training mandatory for every medical student planning an OB-GYN specialty? If not already, soon abortion will be taught at Loma Linda.

In contrast, a 2002 bill that would require a mother considering abortion to see an ultrasound picture of her living child--was quickly stopped.

Carole Migden was a key figure in the State legislature. She chaired the powerful Assembly appropriations committee from 1997 to 2001. Bills authored by members who did not vote for her gay-rights legislation died in her committee. But those written by pro-gay legislators were sent on for a vote in the legislature.

Oddly enough, many of the voters in the state are average Americans. On statewide ballots, they often approve conservative measures, such as those that banned race and gender preferences (55%), eliminated most public-school bilingual education (61%), and affirmed marriage as a union between a man and a woman (61%).

So where is America headed? Now you know.