Deans New Organization


When Howard Dean began campaigning, the media commented with amazement on the tens of thousands of Americans who immediately began sending him donations. It appeared that he had thousands of supporters all across the nation. Rather quickly, his contributions totaled over $30,000! (Eventually, over $45,000!) This was seen as astounding, in view of the fact that his rival contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination were financially limping along. There was good reason for that paucity of support: Polls indicated all of the nearly one dozen candidates ranked alike; and individuals and corporations were waiting to give their money to the one who would do best in the first few state elections. None of this had yet taken place.

In addition, Dean suddenly had a "national organization" of dedicated people trying to get him elected. No other candidate had this. How such a grassroots, full-blown organization could suddenly develop was indeed mysterious.

To add to the mystery, individuals all over America suddenly began opening new websites, on which they were campaigning for him and requesting donations! All the while Dean was preoccupied back East, busily speaking in Iowa and New Hampshire. This whole thing was too organized to be the result of grassroots individualism. The labor unions, abortionists, or gambling interests were not behind this; for they still did not yet know which of the nine candidates to throw their support to.

Viewing this sudden crescendo of support, people began thinking, "Well, if so many others in the country believe he is the man of the hourthen I guess I should think so too!" Within a short time, he shot to the top of the national polls.

However, Deans obvious self-centeredness, intolerance, caustic attacks, rages, and extreme liberalism ultimately cost him the initial crucial elections.

From the very beginning, I strongly suspected that, before he came to the publics attention, Dean had made a secret compact with the gays. He had been the governor who, in Vermont, signed into law that first liberal law about homosexual unions, which led to the enactment of more elsewhere.

Gay organizations are excellent at providing financial, logistic, and organizational support to pro-gay candidates (including Willy Brown in San Francisco and Gray Davis in Sacramento).

Today, February 18, I listened to Deans announcement, made in Burlington, Vermont, that he was pulling out of the presidential race. During that speech, he mentioned that nearly a third of his financial contributors were "under 30." That is revealing. In that speech, he spoke with utter confidence, that he was in charge of a nationwide organization of multiplied thousands of totally loyal supporters. How could he dare say that--on the day that he was dropping out of the presidential race? Amid frequent hooting and screams from the audience, he declared in the strongest tones that, because of his new organization, "we will no longer be divided by sexual orientation." "We will change the face of democracy in America." "We will take back the country for ordinary people." "We expect the next president to obey our standards." "We will get equal rights for every single citizen."

The media seemed puzzled as to the meaning. Dean is clearly setting himself up as the one man leading out in a nationwide organization--which is going to dictate what the Democratic Party is to enact on executive and legislative levels. And you can know that his demands will be as extreme as possible, far surpassing the milder objectives of average Democratic politicians who are careful to placate a wide range of voters. They have to get re-elected; Dean is bound by no such limitations.

I predict that you have not seen the last of Howard Dean. He will try to become the national spokesman for every type of pro-homosexual, feminist, abortionist, etc., group in the land.

If you will stop to think about it, although the homosexuals have made great strides in legislation, courts, and schools and already have a number of separate gay and lesbian coalitions--yet, so far, they have lacked a single coherent national base with which to place intense pressure on the Democratic Party, to enact anything they order it to do. (Recognizing that at least 50% of Republicans are Protestant or Catholic, the gays know they will have to rely on Democratic functionaries, on all levels, to accomplish their purposes for America.)

Why do I mention this? First, it is a national development. Gods faithful ones should be aware of what is taking place. Second, what Dean is trying to do could help crystallize the determination of a combined Protestant-Catholic coalition to "save Americas morality" by, among other things, enacting a strict National Sunday Law.

And that would throw us into the end. (See my End-Time Series, which contains the most complete, classified collection of Spirit of Prophecy statements on last-day events.)

I am not saying that Dean will be the one to thrust us into final events. But I am saying that we should be observant as to what is taking place. To the degree that we are able, we should keep distributing low-cost missionary books to everyone around us. We should pray and do what we can to forward Gods cause at this time in history. The end is nearing. vf