Bringing It Back

A Message
to Our Denominational Leaders


on All Levels

How you can help bring
our Advent Movement back
to a knowledge of, and obedience to,
the historic beliefs and standards
given us by the God of heaven.
Here is how it can be done!

Just above is the message on page one of a powerful new book. It is likely that there is no other volume quite like it anywhere. A strong conviction of God came upon me to write it; and now it is completed. As I worked on it, I repeatedly knelt and earnestly prayed for guidance as to what I should say next.

The book is written to the leaders in the Seventh day Adventist Church-leaders on all levels, from the General Conference President on down to the Sabbath School teacher-every layman, pastor, worker, and leader who has any influence over church members. It is also designed for other church members to read as well.

It is carefully written so as not to antagonize leadership. Leaders want to feel respected when you speak to them.

THIS BOOK CAN SOLVE our church's problems, if our leaders will carefully consider what it says! It will require anew falling on the Rock and being broken, and then moving forward In instituting various reforms; but it can be done.

Frankly, it is a book of encouragement! It tells how the church can be turned around and headed back in the right direction!

As you explore the book yourself, it will become quite obvious that it must be placed in the hands of our pastors, workers, and executives on all levels-all the way up through the ranks of workers and leaders in conferences, unions, divisions, schools, hospitals, publishing houses, and our General Conference.

Everyone who reads this book will either be deeply helped by it or will turn from it with dislike. But, in Heaven's plan, that is the way it should be. God intends that Advent believers everywhere make up their minds as to which side they are going to be on,--so final events can begin more quickly: enactment of the National Sunday Law, the marking and sealing time, and the Judgment passing to the names of the living--first to Seventh-day Adventists who have made their decisions whether they want to obey God's Ten Commandment law by the enabling grace of Christ or whether they want to continue in violation of it.

Therefore this book had to be written. And, my friends, your help Is needed in its distribution! A copy should be given or sent to every Seventh-day Adventist leader we can reach. It should also be shared with church members you know. (But it should not be distributed to non-Adventists; it is not for them.)

Who should you give the books to? Give them to other Advent believers in or out of the church, plus local church workers and leaders-and members!

You may know of pastors, foreign missionaries, etc., in various parts of the world field. So you will want to share books with every church worker you have knowledge of. Some of you may wish to take a conference church list and mail copies to every church and pastor in the conference. This is easily done. since the book is so light weight, the shipping cost is relatively low.

In addition, to sending copies to leaders and workers, you will want to share copies of the book with your loved ones, Adventist relatives, friends, and also with church members and pastors in your area.

It would be well if the Adventist world could be blanketed with this book! When you read it, you will be as awed as I am at what God hath wrought in the preparation of this little volume. Repeatedly, I pled for help to know how to proceed! He is good to His earthly children; and He does not give a stone when we ask for a fish.

It is urgent that we earnestly set to work! Some of you are on Adventist Church rolls and some of you are not. It matters not. All of us have a special work to do in warning Adventists everywhere, whether they are in the church or out of it. They all must be told of their danger! And this book tells them! It provides clear-cut information they need.

Not only does this book tell how to bring our church back to God, it also identifies the corrupt teachings of the new theology and shows why they are un-Biblical!

Step by step, this easily read book takes the reader through a most powerful instructional program. He learns facts he very likely never knew before. Throughout this book, I am primarily addressing our leaders in what is said; yet church members who read the book will also learn most startling truths:

First comes Part One: How to Bring the Church Back

The reader is told why we have a crisis in our church at this time, and what it is. How God's ancient church in Old Testament times had similar ones.

It is an astounding fact that, repeatedly, certain things were done by church leaders in the Old Testament which brought the entire church back to full repentance and obedience to God!

Each major step in this process of returning is carefully explained; and then all nine basic steps are summarized. Solid principles are explained.

After this, the reader is shown two Biblical instances in which total failure occurred and the church refused to return to God, and why it occurred. And what happened as a result!

Next, the reader is shown how, in the Bible, six high-ranking church leaders each succeeded in bringing the entire church back to God, along with the exact steps they used in doing it.

After this comes Part Two: Preparing for the End

. The reader is specifically told what is involved in fulfilling those Biblical steps today! Prayers that need to be offered. Warnings that need to be given. Some basic changes which need to be made. Instruction which needs to be given.

Then comes a remarkable chapter: 'Where Are We Headed? "The Inspired Writings draw the curtain aside, revealing the future of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, its leaders, its members, and its structure. The facts are obvious. This is not speculation, but a cause-and-effect presentation about what will happen if certain things are done. The powerful facts,

given earlier in the book, have been steadily built and require the presentation of this chapter.

After that comes a chapter titled, "This Ls the New Theology." We have to assume, rightly so, that the average reader does not fully grasp the horrible implications of new theology teachings. This chapter is mind-boggling in what it reveals.

As you would expect, the next chapter, "The Heart of Historic Adventism," refutes the basic errors of the new theology; and it provides over a hundred Bible references in doing so. The reader cannot but be overwhelmed with the solid, Biblical basis of historic Adventism! And that is the effect we want to produce!

The last two brief chapters consist of powerful appeals to our leaders to make the decision, regardless of what it may cost them personally, and begin taking the steps which will bring those under their influence back to historic Adventism and obedience by faith in Christ to all of God's commandments.

Clearly, my friend, it is our duty to give this message to the church! Advent believers everywhere must be told these facts, so they can make their decisions for or against God's truth! In doing so, we help the end come more quickly! We must not only share the Third Angel's Message with the world, we must tell certain facts to the Advent people as well!

And, in addition to sharing books with them, we must pray for those we have given the books to! That is an extremely important part of the project! This cannot be emphasized too much!

Bringing It Back constitutes a powerful call to Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders, on all levels in the denomination, to personally return to God and to our historic beliefs, and begin working with others in their sphere of influence to get them to do the same.

As you know, our Missionary Book Order Sheet lists many books which you can purchase (at slightly above printing-house cost) and share with non-Adventists. In addition, we have a number of excellent books which you can share with those of our faith.

For far too long, there has been an urgent need for a single, small, easily read book which you can share with the leaders--all of them-in our church, which would effectively plead with them to turn our church around-and stop its downward slide into immorality and doctrinal error.

We mean business in this book!

It has been carefully written to be respectful to leadership,-while presenting facts which are aimed at powerfully convincing leaders of the spiritual danger of their present lukewarm position and the crucial decisions they dare no longer avoid.

Bringing It Back is about how to bring our church back to God, and back to obedience to His historic standards and beliefs.

Read it and see for yourself! The book is easily read; and, because portions are in bold face, its message is quite obvious. Any leader who reads a significant portion of this book and ridicules its message instead of talking to God about what he has read--is in serious spiritual danger! That is how powerful the content of this book is. Read it for yourself, and you will see.

It is too late in history for us to play games. Unfortunately-and I am sorry to say it,-there are men and women in our denomination who presume to think they can. They imagine they can bring in all the worldliness they want into the church and turn their heads the other way while others bring in more and not face the Judgment later!

There is much work to be done; and there is little time in which to do it! We must be about our Father's business! Soon we will be with Him forever. But we are not there yet. Work and pray, pray and work. Cease not until death or translation! ---vf

"What are you doing, brethren, in the great work of preparation? Those who are uniting with the world are receiving the worldly mold and preparing for the mark of the beast. Those who are distrustful of self, who are humbling themselves before God and purifying their souls by obeying the truth--these are receiving the heavenly mold and preparing for the seal of God in their foreheads. When the decree goes forth and the stamp is impressed, their character will remain pure and spotless for eternity."-5 Testimonies, 216.

BRINGING IT BACK, 128 pp., pprbk, in boxful quantities of 32 per box: 21 cents each (which is 1/2 cent above the printing house cost of a large print run, plus the added cost of hand packing into small boxes).

PURCHASE PRICE per box of 32: In U.S.-$6.72 + $6.00 = $12.72 / In TN-add $1.18 tax / Outside U.S.-$6.72 + $10.40 = $17.12.

Here is how our leaders can help bring our Advent Movement back to the historic beliefs and standards given us by the God of heaven.

This book contains messages of hope which will encourage the heart of every leader in the church, regardless of his level of influence. It explains what each can do to strengthen and help our Seventh-day Adventist Church and its members, and reduce losses of funds and members.

All who are loyal to the best interests of the church will welcome this encouraging book and Its positive message. There is a way that our problems can be solved! These are solutions repeatedly used to solve similar problems in God's ancient church.

This little book is a friend which explains the simple steps needed to strengthen our denomination, so it can more fully do the work God intended for it to do in these final hours of earth's history.

Whether or not you are a leader in our church, this book can change your life for the better.

This book is now available in small boxes at 21 cents a copy (subject to later possible price increase), plus shipping, for widespread distribution to those who need to read what is in these pages.