"Solving Our Church Crisis"

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In this book, you will learn the causes, the results, and the solutions to a crisis in standards and belief which, unfortunately, is rapidly engulfing us. In a time like this, our leaders need prayer. We all need prayer!

First, there is an urgent need for a book which can effectively identify the primary problems confronting us in our denomination today, so they can be eliminated. Second, there is an equally great need for information on how, individually, we can return to the higher standards of earlier years, as well as obtain a better understanding of the historic beliefs which modernists are denying.

It was thought best to keep this book small. A little book will be more easily read by the largest number, and will be available (especially in boxful quantities) at the very lowest cost per copy, so it can easily be shared with others. Write or phone for additional copies.

So here is the way this book is arranged:

Key points are summarized so they will more easily be remembered. Sources are frequently mentioned, so you can read more about certain topics elsewhere. (Sources marked with an asterisk (*) are printed by the publisher of this little book.)

First, this book describes what our church was like, prior to the present crisis,

Second, it will help you understand the gradual development of the doctrinal and standards crisis we confronted with today,

Third, it will provide you with a personal. ongoing study program in the Inspired Writings, which will help you deepen your walk with God.

Fourth, it will help you better understand the controverted historic beliefs and standards of our denomination, so you can defend those truths.


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