A Guest Editorial Report 

Published July 2004




      Behold GOD'S miracles with FLEA MARKET LITERATURE EVANGELISM      

the hands of those     interested in the books-by self selection.  Use full
message books, not just tracts.                  

to know Bible Study interests/provides a neutral place     for return
visits. A Place to share info. on upcoming, evangelism, health,
educational events.                     

non-threatening environment     that will Get Bible Study interest leads.
This can be done by one member or the whole church.                     

entire church by repeating     stories of times of joy in witnessing AND
miraculous funds provided for books and booth rent.                     

5. WORLD WIDE AVAILABILITY OF MARKETPLACES makes this idea universally available To all our churches AND teaches us to GIVE the Gospel, not SELL it. That work, is for the high quality books.  The message should be free.  There is a Market NEAR YOU !!                     

6.  WATCH GOD ANSWER PRAYERS/ IT IS NECESSARY TO PRAY  before, during, and after the books are given. ALL HUMAN EFFORT, NOT COMBINED WITH DIVINE POWER, WILL ULTIMATELY FAIL. Develop a PRAYER LIST, and use it.  Count books AS they are given out.   

IMPLEMENTATION:   For More info./questions call: In God We Trust Ministry

1. Locate a local fleamarket, preferably indoor, with a corner booth for double the table space. It is good to be near the entrance or near the bathroom or food concessions or what will Get the greatest volume of traffic possible. Secure a month at a time, if possible.  (For Return visits) IF booth is in a locked building, books need not be moved each week.

 2. Place books on a table in stacks of three or four in row next to the isle.  Place small     signs ON THE TABLE that say FREE BOOKS, because some people never look up to see your  FREE BOOKS signs also placed on the posts or walls. A Tablecloth hides boxes
underneath. Bring at least four chairs to sit on. AVOID controversy, let the books and the spirit teach truth.

3. In A CENTRAL LOCATION on the table, place a small 18 inch podium with a large     OPEN FAMILY BIBLE open to Ps ll9 with a wire, top to bottom fixing it to the podium. (Some tried to take the Bible=free books)  If available, shine a spotlight on the Bible from above.  Make 2 signs saying: SPOTLIGHT ON THE BIBLE.  This Should be the THEME of your booth.

4.  An added ATTRACTION to the booth is to have a VCR and TV continuously playing     Doug Batchelor doing a Bible Answers-(face recognition is on the screen all the time, vol.     low or mute, put high & behind) Have Enrollment cards and FIRST lesson with a
sign saying:     AMAZING FACTS BIBLE COURSE /  FREE. A.F.# 916-434-3880 for orders and cards. Many  people in our area insist on KJV only. These
lessons are the only ones we know that use it.

5.  PROCURE A CLEAR, DEEP, FLOWER VASE for donations.  Make a sign saying:
    DONATIONS GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED. Keep bills pushed to the bottom. Avoid
tax problems,   keep everything on a donation basis.  Rotate Sabbaths, Always go by
Two's at the booth.

6.  When PURCHASING MISSIONARY BOOKS, Always ask for the best price on case     quantities.  Expect to distribute between 400 and 3000 books per month.
You must have the best prices.  ABC carries R&H and PP, other SDA publishers like: Remnant Publishing,
    Inspiration Books.   Because of price we use:  Harvestime Books, Box
300,Altamont,TN 37301
    Ph931-692-2777, Entire conflict series, paperback for Less 
Than $0.88ea, STC$0.17ea,Bible Readings$0.88ea,COL$0.39ea,MH$0.40ea,GC$0.55 FULL MESSAGE BOOKS for the cost of  tracts. Other titles available. Call For Missionary Book Order Sheet. 931-692-2777. Save shipping if possible by pickup. We also use the colorful Magazines on dedicated doctrines,  less than$0.30ea. Many titles are avail.  Family Heritage Books (MagaBooks) 1-800-777- 2848,POB 232, Wildwood,GA,30757, Have many More  titles and are colorful and on better
    paper but cost more per page.  Call for price sheet. We also use A.F. HIDDEN TRUTH, multi-doctrinal magazine, first lesson, enrolment cards 1-800-538-7275 free
copy (code0409)

                  3.  A HARVEST OF SOULS FOR THE KINGDOM, TO BE In His Service


Mon, 19 Jul 2004 10:13:02 -0400

Re:Flea Market Evangelism stories 

HELLO !  Here are a few experiences in brief that we have been able to
remember from the hundreds that have happened.  If you would like to
experience this too come to the booth or write for the protocol to start
one of your own/David             THERE IS A MARKET NEAR YOU 
A young man out of the Navy for three years had loved Bible Answers when
in the navy and had not been able to find Doug Batchelor anywhere until
he saw him on our monitor and asked isnt that DB?  After expressing his
wonder at finding AF again he then went on to take STC,BR, and sign up
for the AF Bible school. He said that he believed that he had been
blessed to re connect with DB again, because of the clear Bible teaching
he had experienced when listening in the past, he had confidence that
this was where he needed to find more truth. God loves to use us to
network with His children.
Near the end of a slow Sunday afternoon we had cleaned and prepared to
close the booth a half hour before closing time but were impressed that
the Lord would bring just one more hungry soul by if we waited till the
regular closing time .  We had no one stop in over a half hour, so we
prayed.  Just about five minutes before closing a young clean cut man
showed up and came right over and said: so this is why I was supposed to
come in this flea market today, I never go to Flea Markets. We assured
him that with God there are no chance encounters.
He eagerly looked over the books and heard our brief description of the
major books then selected BR, GC, and STC.  He thanked us and gave a
grateful donation and immediately the lights blinked and the announcement
of the closing came over the speaker. We need to be where God can use us
waiting patiently at our post of duty. God has His children looking for
His leading that need a place He can lead them TO, who will give His
 A young woman with a couple of children came over slowly and
interestedly looked over the books. She seemed quite interested in our
canvass of the BR and said that it would be useful in the ministry of her
husband.  The husband then approached when she was given the book free
and made the usual inquiry about which church sponsored this booth, to
which we answered that we were an independent group that wanted to give
the gospel in books to help people turn to the Bible in study.  This was
reassuring to him. He then took the STC when told that Billy Graham had
taken many sermons from this book.  We received his blessing and we gave
him ours as we put him on our prayer list.  He will need the special
blessing of God to guide him through the changes he will have to make.  
We have determined to place the 
books in the hands of the people without any more controversy than
necessary and let the Holy Spirit lead these people
to read the arguments so well placed in the books by The Same Spirit.    
Late one Sunday afternoon a finely dressed middle aged lady and her adult
daughter came by admiring the books.  At first she
refused to take any, stating she already had many religious books at the
home. To which we replied that we had a good
book for the conversion and understanding of the plan of salvation for
young people.  She then said she was a Sunday
school teacher and we told her that these books Steps To Christ were very
inexpensive and she could pass them out
to her students, to which she replied by ordering a case of them.  God
has His servants everywhere willing to do His will. Have we passed these
treasures out to all our children?
   A young couple with two young children approached the books with the
wife showing special interest in Steps to Christ. saying she had one once
and had been raised by a Christian Grandmother who had this book and The
Great Controversy and the Desire of Ages. She had not been to her church
for over ten years.  She quickly took these books and her husband who
said he was of the Baptist faith stated that he had been watching Doug
Batchelor on TV for a long time, so we gave him one of Dougs little
sermon booklets.  At this point the wife said that she now knew why they
had come to the market today and stated how thankful she was that we were
here.  They stayed for quite a while and enjoyed watching us give books
to other people that were coming by the booth.  The wife encouraged
several other people to take the books by saying that they had made a
great change in her life. We praise the Lord for His Divine Appointments
with His children who need His written Word. What a privilege it is to
see His little miracles to reach souls.
   Early in the afternoon when there were few people at the market a
Bible quoting, fine Christian man in his forties came by and was admiring
the books.  Each time he picked up a book, he seemed compelled to put it
back down and not to take any literature.  So we discussed the ten
commandments and how keeping them was still a sign of love to Jesus. 
After thus, it was easy for him to take the little tract on The Forgotten
Commandment because of his curiosity of what this could be. Our prayers
for the Holy Spirit to guide this Soul went with him as he left. That was
apparently the only message that the Holy Spirit wanted him to take. 
  We are sustainably giving out about a thousand books per month now,
Most of which are full message books.  It is the Holy Spirit that brought
us the books and has put us where we could share them and it is the Same
Spirit that created the desire to have them in their hands in the first
place. It will be the Spirit of God that will encourage them to read and
understand the truth. 
It is ALL the work of God's own doing.  We just watch in amazement, as
His Miracles happen.
  What a joy it is to serve the Living God, and watch Him align His
divine appointments that His children might be brought into His light.
 Repeatedly, visitors have expressed the unusual circumstances of their
being at our booth.  Time after time we have had to reply to 'the
confused visitor' that, we know why you came here today, it was the Holy
Spirit that sent you. Sometimes we just use the phrase, with God, there
are no chance encounters, or Dont you think it was God that wanted us
to meet today so we could share His Love?
GOD needs EVERY SDA Christian standing at their post of duty, at their
location in the Lord's vineyard.