Catholic Coercion of Adventist Books

This is not the first time that efforts have been made by other denominations to influence the type of publications printed by our denomination.

In the spring of 1955 a series of conferences were held, primarily at General Conference headquarters in Takoma Park. The primary participants on each side were Walter Martin, representing the Evangelical churches; Roy Allen Anderson, secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association; and Leroy Edwin Froom, special General Conference researcher.

Martins objective was Change our beliefs and our publications. The largest documentary collection of that historical event and its aftermath will be found in The Beginning of the End [DH101 to 118], now in our Doctrinal History Tractbook ($16, plus 10% p&h).

The present writer was in attendance at our Seminary, next door to the General Conference building, from June 1955 to June 1958. The Evangelical Conferences (the name by which they came to be known) were held from the spring of 1955 to the summer of 1956. The present writer details many facts in The Beginning of the End, which need not be repeated here. Walter Martin had a powerful, driving personality. The present writer heard two of the three sermons he gave in Adventist churches. He spoke like an air hammer.

Understanding his forceful personality, and Anderson and Froom's kindly appeasements, helps one better grasp what transpired in those meetings.

On one occasion, according to a disclosure in a later Protestant publication, Martin arrived for one meeting with a large suitcase. Placing it flat on top of the conference table, he announced, There is error being taught in your books! R.A. Anderson replied, No, it cannot be! Anderson, who was very anxious to impart the perception that our church beliefs were in almost full agreement with those of Martins definitions of doctrinal orthodoxy, said If that is true, we will have them removed!

Seeing that his shock tactic was having the intended effect, Martin declared, And here is the evidence!

Opening the suitcase, he brought out book after book with inserted slips of paper, locating concepts which he did not agree with.

Where did you find these books? Anderson said. Right across the street at your Book and Bible House! (At that time, what is now called the Adventist Book Center, was located nearby on Carroll Avenue.) Anderson assured him that all such books would be removed.

Historic Adventism is keyed to Daniel 7 to 9 and Revelation 12 to 14. Do you realize that? This is why the present writer wrote an in-depth study on Daniel 7 and Revelation 12 to 14 as Part One of his book, Mark of the Beastso you could share with those not of our faith the truth about the little horn and the change of the Sabbath (Daniel 7), the church in the wilderness and the commandment-keeping remnant (Revelation 12), the Mark of the Beast and the National Sunday Law (Revelation 13), and the Three Angels Messages, the Seal of God, and the commandment-keeping remnant (Revelation 14).

But Rome and its daughters do not want that message shared with the people!

In the 1950s, Walter Martin did his work well. That which he accomplished set in motion trends which, later, led to deeper apostasies in doctrines and standards.

The errors of a finished atonement at the cross and the pre-fall nature of Christ were initially introduced in our denomination as a result of Martins capable efforts. Anderson and Froom afterward toured the world field holding ministerial retreats, during which they inculcated the new teachings. Subsidized copies of Questions on Doctrine were placed, at no charge, in every Adventist academy and college library throughout the world field.

Repeatedly over the years since we first printed our book, Mark of the Beast (containing, as Part 1, that in-depth analysis of those four crucial chapters in the books of Daniel and Revelation, followed, in Part 2, by 60 pages from Great Controversy), we have been told that such a disclosure cannot be found in any Adventist denominational books anywhere. We include the vital (but embarrassing) historical statements by Catholics, Protestants, and historians which nail down basic, great truths of historic Adventism.

Yet, in spite of Martins interference, the denomination has continued printing some materials containing the truth about Rome. Generally only a passing mention is made, a brief paragraph, so it can be said that the book has included the topic.

But mother Babylon is not satisfied. Just now she is at work to remove the little that remains. A nationwide newspaper story was circulated in August 1996. It was given to the press syndicates, and is being carried in newspapers across the country.

Sample newspaper clippings have been sent to us from friends in several places.

The Catholic hierarchy chose to target one of the few Adventist denominational books which still identifies the little horn/beast in Daniel 7 and Revelation 12 to 14.

That book is entitled, Gods Answers to Your Questions: Quick Reference to Bible Topics. With a full-color cover, this 8-1/2 x 11 inch book contains 112 pages. Published by the Review & Herald in Hagerstown, MD, the booklet contains portions of Bible Readings.

Of the 24 chapters, two mention the papacy: Chapter 12 (Gods Unchangeable Day) and Chapter 20 (Gods People).

The price tag on our recently purchased copy of that book, Gods Answers to Your Questions, is $5.99 a copy. Because the book contains excerpts from Bible Readings, it is a useful book to share with your neighbors.

Or, if you wish, you can obtain the full book, Bible Readings, in our edition (678 pp, 24 per case, $36 a case, plus $10 p&h; this equals $1.50 per book, when purchased in case lots).

Another worthwhile book to share with your neighbors is our book, Mark of the Beast. It is a powerful book and extremely low cost for widespread distribution (208 pp, 80 per case, $64 a case, plus $10 p&h; this equals 80 cents per book, when purchased in case lots).

You would do well to obtain a sample copy and look it over. If you do, you will be surprised at how thoroughly it covers the topics. This is because it contains a rather complete analysis of those four crucial Bible chapters, plus the heart of what Great Controversy has to say about the same topics.

But Gods Answers to Your Questions is also a good book, since it contains 24 chapters from Bible Readings.

You can know that this nationwide press onslaught by the Catholic Church will have its effect. Still more books will be pulled from the bookshelves of our ABCs. Our leaders fear negative publicity. Can you imagine how the faithful and the martyrs in earlier ages would have held onto their pure faith, if they had worried about negative publicity.

One of the August news articles is headlined, Adventist Book Calls Pope Antichrist (Daily Gazette, city unknown, August 31).

Another says Book Calls Pope the Devils Pal (Daily Courier, city unknown, August 30).

Yet another trumpets, Adventist Book Denounced as Anti-Catholic (Winchester Star, August 16).

A fourth declares, Catholics Protest Book Calling Pope Devils Ally (Chattanooga Free Press, August 31).

The text of each news clip is identical, except that some are more complete than others.

We will reprint the one which has the clearest copy. It also has the complete text.

We must not stop proclaiming the truths of Daniel 7 and Revelation 12 to 14! Those four chapters identify the Beast and the great apostasy of the Dark Ages, which will come to its full culmination in these last days, when National Sunday Laws are enacted in every nation.

It is impossible to properly give the Sabbath message, without telling people the historical facts about:

[1] The attempted change of the Sabbath and the identity of the little horn power which did it (Daniel 7).

[2] The struggles of Gods people down through the ages and the commandment-keeping remnant in the last days (Revelation 12).

[3] The fact that all the nations will bow down to the idol Sabbath of this Beast in the last days, and thereby receive his Mark (Revelation 13).

[4] The great truths of the Three Angels Messages and the identification of those who will not receive the Mark (Revelation 14).

We must not be slack. Even though the denomination permits itself to be muffled, we must continue to print and distribute the truths for these last days. This is a special reason why God has raised up people from among the denomination who will do what is right, even though many others compromise our doctrines and standards, and fellowship with our enemies.

It is true that we are have been cautioned by the Spirit of Prophecy not to make needless attacks on the Catholic element, but we have also been repeatedly told that we must give the message about the law of God, the Bible Sabbath, the attempted change of both by Rome, and the coming crisis which will engulf the world.

The August news article, reprinted in full on page 4, was written by an Associated Press staff writer, and was initially released in Richmond, Virginia.

You will notice that it was arranged that several prominent Roman Catholic and Protestant leaders would either be quoted or referred to in this article.

William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights  in New York.

Mary Ann Walsh, a nun and representative of the United States Catholic Conference.

Dr. Sibley Towner, professor of Biblical Interpretation at Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Virginia.

Dr. William Dinges, professor of religious studies at the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

The Southern Baptists and Christian Coalition are both mentioned as major Protestant groups which are now friendly with Rome, and, presumably, would not dare speak such things against it.

Catholic University of America, mentioned in the August article, is located a short distance from Takoma Park on Blair Road. Blair is a main highway from Takoma Park into the District of Columbia. You will recall that we recently published a tract (Takoma Park World Headquarters [WM670-671]) with the startling information that Catholic University is currently the owner of our former General Conference building in Takoma Park, and that church members at our Takoma Park Church (formerly the General Conference Church) believe Catholic University is secretly working out a deal with Potomac Conference to buy that local church building and its recreational center, both of which are across the street from this new Catholic center of influence in the Takoma Park/Silver Spring area.

It is also of interest that the enclosed news clip was initially released in Richmond, Virginia. This is ostensibly a Protestant city; and, because a Presbyterian seminary teacher was quoted, the article has the appearance of having been published as a result of Protestant agitation. Yet you can know that the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops either initiated this news release or extended its blessing to it.

 If we are not willing to give the messages for this time, we are not worthy to have those messages. May God help our people awake to the nearness of the end. Vance Ferrell 


1 - The small group loyal to God will be the subject of universal execration.

As the Sabbath has become the special point of controversy throughout Christendom, and religious and secular authorities have combined to enforce the observance of the Sunday, the persistent refusal of a small minority to yield to the popular demand will make them objects of universal execration. Great Controversy, 615:2.

2 - Amid all that happens, the faithful will stand true.

The season of distress before Gods people will call for a faith that will not falter. His children must make it manifest that He is the only object of their worship, and that no consideration, not even that of life itself, can induce them to make the least concession to false worship. To the loyal heart the commands of sinful, finite men will sink into insignificance beside the word of the eternal God. Truth will be obeyed though the result be imprisonment or exile or death. Prophets and Kings, 512:2-513:0.

3 - All the corrupt powers of earth will be in opposition to Gods people.

In the warfare to be waged in the last days there will be united, in opposition to Gods people, all the corrupt powers that have apostatized from allegiance to the law of Jehovah. In this warfare the Sabbath of the fourth commandment will be the great point at issue, for in the Sabbath commandment the great Lawgiver identifies Himself as the Creator of the heavens and the earth. 3 Selected Messages, 392:5-393:0.

4 - The whole wicked world will be converted, keep Sunday, and oppose Gods faithful ones.

The wicked . . declared that they had the truth, that miracles were among them, that angels from heaven talked with them and walked with them, that great power and signs and wonders were performed among them, and that this was the temporal millennium that they had been expecting so long. The whole world was converted and in harmony with the Sunday law. 3 Selected Messages, 427:5, 428:1.

The whole world is to be stirred with enmity against Seventh-day Adventists because they will not yield homage to the papacy by honoring Sunday, the institution of this antichristian power. Testimonies to Ministers, 37:0.

 Excerpted from our End-Time Book, The National Sunday Law. This series of books is the most complete collection of Spirit of Prophecy statements on last-day events.