Books and Articles

Books of a New Order

"Books of a new order would be written. A system of intellectual philosophy would be introduced." 

PDF/GC New 'Fundamental Belief"  Enlarging the 'Creed'

The Incredible Booklet: The SDA church is now definitely, without any doubt, in the avant garde of ecumenicalism.

The Oct. - Dec. 2004 Senior Sabbath School Quarterly

Connections: Babylon's book re-issued for Advent Believers.

Catholic Teachings in the SDA Hymnal! 

Seventh-day Adventism The Spirit Behind the Church: A Critique of the Jeremiah Films Video: Bob Pickle. (Off site link)

Morris Venden and the New Obedience

Rick Warrens Book: The Purpose Driven Life The Book intended to Change your Thinking.- The Book some want to Indoctrinate you on. (also getting SDAs into celebrating Lent)

Replacing the Spirit of Prophecy

Errors in Our Two Doctrinal Books: in PDF QUESTIONS ON DOCTRINE; SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS BELIEVE: The most controversial book in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Questions on Doctrine has been reprinted. Therefore, it is urgent that we once again turn our attention to a dark day for our church, which began nearly fifty years ago in the spring of 1955.

An Anglican Minister Speaks to Adventists

Catholic Coercion of Adventist Books

Like the Frogs of Egypt 

Adventists on the Road Less Traveled

3 Angel's Messages 

Reply to 'Three Responses to a Testimony'

Our New Doctrinal Book A Comparative Study 

'Great Controversy' Explains the Future

The Teachings of Marvin Moore on the Law and Standards