You have learned what Marvin Moore is teaching in his magazine articles, books, and presentations at campmeetings and churches.

Here is a basic guide to the wonderful truths about coming events, which you will find in the book, Great Controversy:

Future events are outlined in chapters 25 and onward. Here is a brief overview of those chapters:

Chapter 25 - Gods Law Immutable. This chapter explains Revelation 13. It identifies both beasts and tells the meaning of the mark of the beast. Excellent supplementary material will be found in Volume 7A on Revelation 13 and 14.

Chapter 26 - A Work of Reform. The Bible Sabbath is mentioned in several locations in the book; but in this chapter the reader is told that it is the special work of Gods people in the last days, to carry the Sabbath truth to the entire world.

Chapter 27 - Modern Revivals. This chapter explains several important points: the error in the modern Protestant teaching of "salvation apart from obedience to the law of God." The final crisis of the Sunday law will be partially caused by an excited Protestant counterfeit revival. The law of God is extremely important; and, when this truth is omitted, sin is always underrated. Obedience to the law produces genuine sanctification. Healthful living is included in Gods law. In their books and pulpit messages, far too many of our own workers are moving in the direction of the errors pointed out in this chapter.

Chapter 28 - The Investigative Judgment. This investigation of the lives of all who have ever professed to be Gods people began in 1844. Soon, none know how soon, it will pass to the living. Probation is soon to close. It is now that we must prepare by searching our hearts and, in the strength of Christ, putting away our sins. This chapter contains the most complete description of the Investigative Judgment to be found in the Spirit of Prophecy.

Chapter 29 - The Origin of Evil. The most sweeping, panoramic chapter in the Spirit of Prophecy. It is simply astounding. From the fall of Lucifer on down to the end of sin; it is all summarized here! That is why I put it in the back of my 17-cents edition of Steps to Christ. The key point is that the controversy between Christ and Satan is fought over the law of God! The devil declares that it is faulty and need not, or cannot, be obeyed.

Chapter 30 - Enmity between Man and Satan. This brief chapter explains the "enmity" statement in Genesis 3:15. An important truth is explained here and is worth your careful thought.

Chapter 31 - Agency of Evil Spirits. There are millions of evil angels; this chapter warns us about them. If we do not continually submit to the guidance and control of God, we will fall under demonic influence.

Chapter 32 - Snares of Satan. This fabulous chapter lists all the snares in the devils tool bag. Read it and find out which ones he is using on you and your loved ones right now.

Chapter 33 - The First Great Deception. There are five special deceptions in the last days. They concern the Sabbath, the law of God, the state of the dead, the punishment of the wicked, and spiritualism. This chapter explains the third and fourth of them: the condition of man after death and the truth about hellfire. The error of universalism (no final punishment of anyone) is also mentioned.

Chapter 34 - Spiritualism. The hideous dangers in the fifth deception are discussed here.

Chapter 35 - Aims of the Papacy. This is the chapter, above all others, which some of our leaders would like to cut out of Great Controversy. They are embarrassed by it. It is simply not ecumenical.

Chapter 36 - The Impending Conflict. The opening two paragraphs of this chapter masterfully summarize what the final crisis will be fought over. Would you like to know the events which will lay the foundation for that crisis? Read this chapter. They are taking place right now.

Chapter 37 - The Scriptures, a Safeguard. This is a parenthetical chapter. By that I mean it is a parenthesis chapter. It is not inferior to the others; but, before discussing the full impact of the final crisis, in the providence of God this chapter is put here to explain to Gods children that they only find in the Inspired Writings the truths they are to believe and practice! The chapter says we cannot look to church leaders or church councils. (There are those who claim that church leaders wrote Great Controversy, but that is a lie. Every chapter in the book reveals its divine origin.)

Chapter 38 - The Final Warning. The crisis begins, and the message of warning extends to all nations.

Chapter 39 - The Time of Trouble. Human probation finally ends and the great time of trouble begins. The seven last plagues fall. The time of Jacobs trouble reaches its climax. The faithful are about to be slain.

Chapter 40 - Gods People Delivered. The Voice of God delivers His people and concluding events follow rapidly upon one another. The special resurrection. The wicked fall at the saints feet. The small cloud appears. The glorious Second Advent. The meeting in the clouds. Arrival on the sea of glass. Entrance into the city. The view inside at some of the glories of the place.

Chapter 41 - Desolation of the Earth. We return to that moment when the Voice of God delivers His own, and learn what happens to those who chose to be lost. "The time has come for God to vindicate the authority of His downtrodden law. Now the controversy is not alone with Satan, but with men" (p. 656). The wicked slain at the Christ's Second Advent. Satan on the earth during the millennium. The sentencing judgment in heaven during the thousand years.

Chapter 42 - The Controversy Ended. The Third Advent. The New Jerusalem comes down. Christ calls forth the wicked to life. Christ enters the city. Satan and the wicked prepare extensively for battle. The march to the city. The final judgment and the fire fall. The end of sin and sinners. Eternity begins.