The Three Angels Message is the last message in history. It is a final warning call, sent by God to all the world, to repent of sin and disobedience and return to God before it is forever too late; for just ahead is



Here is the Bible/Spirit of Prophecy answer to a very important question:

Does God ever kill the incorrigibly wicked?

It will be the worst storm in human history. It is the storm of Gods wrath against sin. The largest and the last. Every special outpouring of Gods judgments upon this world has always been preceded by a special pleading call to repentance and a warning to flee from sin. And our time is no exception--except that, in our time, the last warning against sin that will ever take place is to be given. That warning is the Three Angels Message. The Advent people have been assigned the task of giving it. Yet, at this crucial time, some among us are saying that the warning is in error; for God has no judgment, no wrath, and no punishment of sin as is described in Scripture.

This present study, The Terrible Storm, has been produced to clearly establish, from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, that our historic beliefs on this topic are indeed correct. We dare not forsake the Third Angels Message for another message. vf



A brief Spirit of Prophecy summary

Key points to consider



God will interpose - He will punish
God gives men time - but only so much time 
We flee from Gods wrath by fleeing from sin 
God will punish the transgressors of His law 
God executes the judgment, but men make the decisions who shall be in it 
By their actions now, men are deciding for eternal life or eternal death 
Men bring the punishment upon themselves 
The example of Sodom, above every other, is the great type of the final destruction of the wicked by their creator 
The judgments of God are already upon the earth and will increase because of the wickedness of man 
God will send fires and earthquakes as judgments upon the wicked cities 
The story of a friend
Calvary was provided to save us from the cloud of vengeance 
Christ suffered the sin of the world on our behalf, at the hands of a just God 
Because of Calvary, Christ has been appointed to be our Judge. He who died to save us will be the One to execute the judgment 
The working out of the great controversy will reveal that God is just in destroying the wicked

When human probation finally closes

Pen pictures of the final cataclysm 
The death of the wicked at the Second Coming of Christ 
After the millennium is the Executive Judgment



The Flood 
The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah 
The plagues upon Egypt 
Pharaoh and his host destroyed in the Red Sea 
Judgments predicted for the Amalekites 
The judgments because of the golden calf 
The death of the blasphemer and Sabbathbreaker 
The death of Nadab and Abihu 
The rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram 
24,000 destroyed at Baal-peor 
Gods strange act at Gibeon 
The plagues upon the Philistines 
The death of 185,000 Assyrians



Is "wrath" ever used in the New Testament in relation to God? 
What is the meaning of 1 Samuel 2:6? 
Who is responsible for the judgments? 
As a condition of life, man must obey Gods law
Having to take the knife 
The last message of mercy 
The Judge will execute the Judgment 
The sinner who is destroyed will have destroyed himself 
The final storm is coming 
When the wrath begins 
The presence of God Himself is a consuming fire to the wicked
Sodom was destroyed by fire from Heaven 
The day of Gods vengeance 
Gods strange work 
The day of visitation
Retributive judgment
The wages of sin
The final rewards
When mercy ceases
He sends out His fire and destroys
In this time of probation, God has also used fire as a warning judgment
Can Satan bring down fire?
Natural disasters that will come from Satan
The seven last plagues will be a series of judgments from God
From the Close of Probation on down to the final destruction
What specific disasters will cause the death of the wicked between the Close of Probation and the time of the Voice of God? 
What will cause the death of the wicked after the sounding of the Voice of God? What specific disasters will cause the death of the wicked at the Second Coming of Christ? 
What will cause the death of the wicked at their final destruction? 
The Second Coming of Christ parallels the Final Destruction of the wicked in several ways
God has used His angels to punish the wicked
Using metaphors to set aside truth
Only the correct view solves the problem and reveals the love of God 
A special warning call is always given first 
The Creator can remove life 
Capital punishment in the Bible 
Wrath revealed in two ways 
Does Satan ever cause disasters? 
Is the Bible truthful? 
Taking the blame 
Is it wrong to punish crime? 
Why did God not kill Cain? 
Steps down to savagery 
What does this error really teach? 
It is dangerous to toy with error 
A letter we received 
Can the Devil be entrusted with hell? 
The Catholic view of hell 
This error leads men toward universalism



Judgment according to deeds
Judgment shall come to the wicked
Why judgments come
The judgment on the wicked is inevitable
Judgments threatened and enacted  
Some of the most solemn passages in all the Bible

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