Abstinence vs. Condoms

The public press ridicules the idea that people should control themselves. It is said that the use of condoms is all that is needed to avoid pregnancy, disease, and AIDS.

But this is not true! The use of condoms can induce pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and even the most deadly forms of them.

The only safe route is to avoid all sexual relationships until marriage, and to only marry an equally abstinent person.

The following very excellent statement was made by a knowledgeable, overseas Adventist health worker.

We reprint it in the hope that it will be shared with young people and that lives may be saved as a result. Only obedience, by faith in Christ, to the Ten Commandments can bring happiness in this life.

This statement was made by Dr. Paul Wangai, Jr., Director, Health/Temperance Department, Eastern Africa Division. We would urge you to photocopy this page and share it with others.

Let the word go out: Obedience to the Moral Law of God is what the world needs.                  vf 

 Condoms are not 100 percent protective. Some latex material in condoms have pores or channels 5 microns in diameter. In contrast, HIV measures 0.1 of a micron! [This is 1/10th of 1 micron, or 1/50th of 5 microns.]

Furthermore, 17 percent of the partners, using condoms for protection among married couples in which one partner was HIV infected, still caught the virus within 18 months. That is one out of six!

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration study duplicated the stresses of sexual intercourse, to test whether the viruses would leak through the pores of a stretched latex condom. The study . . showed that between 14 and 29 of the 89 condoms tested leaked a significant amount of test particles.

It went on to say that researchers concluded that leakage of ejaculation [sperm, which can carry the HIV virus] was real and therefore the use of latex condoms can substantially reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of HIV transmission.

This study has been published in at least three places. If leakage in 29 out of 89 condoms occurred, that is only 33 percent of the time! And the leakage was ejaculation [sperm]. The HIV particles are 1/25th the width of sperm in an ejaculation.

[In other words if, one third of the time, sperm passes through the condom, then HIV virus can pass from the sperm and through the condom even more easily. The present writer found a report in the early 1990s, in which the University of Texas declared that an HIV study revealed that condoms consistently leaked HIV virus at least 30 percent of the time.]

Given these findings on HIV size and leakage, what rational, informed scientist would place his or her trust 100 percent in such flimsy armor and risk his or her very life?

Furthermore, is it likely that young people, in moments of unbridled passion, will stop to remember the 13-steps a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services publication recommends, including:

Store condoms properly, in a cool, closed container.

Pay attention to expiration date on condoms with spermicide.

Use a water-based lubricant. Petroleum products (e.g. jelly) must be avoided.

Be cautious about vending machines, since extreme temperatures reduce efficiency.

Do not keep condoms in wallet or pocket for more than a few hours at a time; increased temperature will occur.

Do not open package with teeth, sharp nails, or scissors.

Check to see if condom is gummy or sticks to itself.

Check tip for brittleness, tears, holes, etc. . .

It is clear that our AIDS prevention efforts should not offer false security, by telling people that risk of HIV transmission is removed by the use of condoms. Abstinence can provide protection which condoms cannot offer. Let us not fool the people into believing they are safe when they are not safe.

AIDS education programs . . have not shown any significant and consistent decrease in sexual activity, pregnancy rates, or sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

The so-called safe sex solution to AIDS prevention is a disaster in the making. Condoms are not the solution; values are! The only common sense solution is abstinence before marriage, then marriage with mutual fidelity for life to an uninfected spouse.

Programs that encourage teens to postpone sex until they are old enough have been very successful [statistics given]. There is a consensus: AIDS is one disease you don't want to get! Condoms are only 70-85 percent effective.

Students need to get a strong, clear message: Saving themselves until marriage is the only 100 percent, sure way to be protected from disease and pregnancy. Let us be honest with them about the high failure rates of contraception. Let us teach them skills to help them save sex until marriage.  

[That concludes Dr. Paul Wangais message. Please accept it as a truth which, if followed, can save you from multiplied sorrow and, very possibly, an early death.]


The fallout from the Creech issue is causing committed evangelical pastors and members to leave the United Methodist Church (UMC). The entire denomination has been shaken.

On September 14, 1997, Jimmy Creech (53), an Omaha pastor, performed a marriage ceremony (covenanting service he called it) uniting two women in holy wedlock at his church. This threw the entire denomination into an uproar, and multiplied thousands demanded that he be fired.

In November, he was suspended by Nebraska Bishop Joel Martinez, and everyone awaited the decision of a 13-man jury of Creechs peers, selected from Nebraska clergy.

On March 13, 1998, after more than three hours deliberation, eight of the 13 jurors voted that he had violated the order and discipline of the church, but nine votes were necessary in a church trial to convict.

He is an elder in full connection in the Nebraska Conference and is immediately reinstated, the bishop declared.

This decision let Creech return to the pastorate of one of the largest congregations in the state: the First Methodist Church in Omaha. Following the decision, the case was declared to be closed. As far as a lot of Methodists were concerned, that closed the denomination to them.

As soon as the verdict was announced, the courtroom erupted in joy, on the part of some, and anger by others. Ron Wright, a open homosexual, jumped about shouting, We won! We won! He said it had brought justice and freedom to the Methodists.

The church is open to everyone, no matter what their abilities and sexual orientation, he added. The civil rights of gays and lesbians were established here. In the future, I hope the church can be even more open.

There were others who, fearing that would happen, decided to do something about it.

Standing on a chair after the verdict, Creech was jubilant. We have a victory to celebrate, a victory for the church tonight! The jury voted to affirm the grace of God to all people and the integrity of the pastoral role to be in ministry to all people, he cried.

Creechs Omaha church, with its 1,900 members, was split over the issue. Many have already abandoned the denomination, and more are planning to do so.

Ironically, Creech had earlier been refused a pastorate in North Carolina because he openly advocated gay freedom.

One Omaha member, Casey Biehl, said, I feel betrayed . . It does not matter what we as lay people say. When you shut the billfold, the people whose salaries we are paying will listen to you!

Church leaders knew what they were doing; for, in a related vote, taken the next day, they agreed that Creech had, indeed, performed a homosexual union on September 14.

But that decision only added to Creechs jubilancy. The church is willing to stand for the acceptance of gay men and lesbians!

As soon as the terrible verdict was announced, Bishop Martinez appealed to bishops of the denominations eight-state South Central Jurisdiction, to formally request the Judicial Council the church's Supreme Court to rule on the status of this matter.

Time passed while members waited.

Perhaps the verdict could be reversed. But they were shocked when, despite a groundswell of protest, on May 6, over the protests of the South Central Jurisdiction, the highest level the Council of Bishops officially rejected a request to hold a special session of the top legislative body to deal with the issue of same-sex marriage.

(It came as small consolation that Martinez, of Nebraska, announced on May 6 that he would not reappoint Creech as Omaha pastor.)

Unlike our own denomination which is pretty much asleep, conservative Methodists are uniting  for action. Patricia Miller, executive director of the Confessing Movement (CM), representing 1,100 UMC churches and 500,000 members, declared There will be repercussions if the United Methodist doctrine is not upheld. They stand in defense of Biblical beliefs while our people let them be compromised.

The next UMC general conference is not scheduled until the year 2000, in Cleveland.

Asbury Theological Seminary, two bishops, the Good News magazine, and CM are demanding action of some kind against this open door to sodomy.

When CM met in Tulsa in April, they unanimously adopted a statement to be sent to all UMC bishops, to hold each other accountable in teaching and defending the doctrinal and ethical standards of the Book of Discipline.

In a separate statement the warning was given: If there is any weakening of these Biblical and disciplinary standards, we will be forced to reconsider our commitments to the existing structures of the United Methodist Church.

Meanwhile, according to a report we have, sizeable numbers of members are withholding funds or leaving the church. Over half of the members in Creechs Omaha church have left. In California, 22 UMC ministers are leaving the denomination, with many hoping to take their local churches with them.

A number of local congregations are withholding all funds from the denomination.

William Abraham, a professor at Perkins School of Theology, in Dallas, says UMC moderates realize, for the first time, what their church will look like if those committed to theological and moral revisionism get their way.

It is time that our own people take a stand for our historic beliefs before they pass away.                   vf

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