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Health of Mind and Body

Avoiding Discouragement

Only One Way to Practice Healing.pdf 

Astounding Cayenne.pdf

Caring for Brain Concussion.pdf

Niacine: A Remarkable Healer.pdf

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Food Crisis 2011.pdf

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Are we just Too Willing to use Poison? Guest Article

Abortion Issues

Notmilkman's Challenge to Seventh-day Adventists

Why so many Americans today are 'mentally ill' Fascinating Guest Article

Waymarks: PDF/Ferris' Article in Review/+Tobacco/Mad-Cow

Mad Cow Disease is Real

Canola Oil: the Hidden History

Facts about X-Rays and C T Scans

Canada Red Cross Used HIV Blood

The Benefits of Charcoal

2004 Racketeering Lawsuit Against Aspartame

Codex Attack on Vitamins

125 Reasons Why Sugar Is Harmful

Should You Use Homeopathic Remedies? 2. What is in a Vaccine? 3. Facts About Olestra.

The Problem of Fat

Organ Transplants  Can Spread Cancer 

Homocysteine and Alzheimer's

Ice Cream, Anyone?

Is Cremation Acceptable to God?

Arthritis & Rheumaticism Over 50 years of scientific and clinical research into arthritic and rheumatic diseases.

The Vaccination Crisis Now a whole website! Off site link.

Nearly 400 Products Made from Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs Here by Popular request, is the LIST ! Now online for your convenience!

Mad Cow Disease is Real

Arthritis & Rheumaticism Over 50 years of scientific and clinical research into arthritic and rheumatic diseases.

Jet Flying Increases Blood Clots also 'Water & Coke

Mad Cow Update: Summer 2003 Yum-Yum! Mad Cow for Supper!

The Making of a Beefburger

Aspartame: One of Americas Biggest Killers Help yourself to Death: EQUAL, NUTRA-SWEET, EQUAL MEASURE, SPOONFUL, CANDERAL

The Anthrax Vaccine

Sign The Pledge & Stop eating meat!

Lyme Disease

Diet IS a Salvation Issue

Overcoming Discouragement It hits us all at times- here's some constructive answers.

Are You Depressed?

Abstinence vs. Condoms

Human Feces In The Food Chain

The Case Against Gambling

The China Study

Caffeine's Hidden Dangers

Beware of Exitotoxins

What Drugs Really Cost

The Folic Acid Lawsuit

Mad Cow Disease

Problems With Aspartame:

What the Bible Says About Meat Eating

Facts and Transcripts that Tell the Truth About Many Child Molestation Cases

The Devastating Effects of Regressive Therapy   

Marijuana: Pot is Shot    

Oil for your Health

Natural Remedies for Smallpox

Facts about Smallpox

Canola Oil

MMR Vaccine and Autism     


Homosexual Conference at Andrews

Gays: Our Most Expensive Citizens

Homosexual Fact Sheet

Homosexual Update December 08

SDA HomoBook

Homo Fact Sheet

AIDS still out of control

The Truth about Homosexual Parenting

E. Coli Can Kill You