Last night I telephoned a friend whom I knew to be discouraged. He deeply appreciated what was being discussed, but said that he would forget it as soon as the conversation ended. Therefore, he asked that I write out some of the points I mentioned to him.

If you know someone who is also discouraged, and trying to obtain a fresh hold on God, you may want to share this paper with him.

My friend feels lost and unable to make contact with God. He says he just does not know how to make a start, where to go, or what to do to solve the problem. He says his mind is clouded, and filled with doubts and continual discouragement. As I gave the following suggestions, he said he deeply appreciated them, and felt they would indeed help him. He said God had impressed me to call him.

I afterward decided that, if I published this, it might help someone else. Keep in mind that this is an elderly brother who is harassed by Satan, and who lives in a continual atmosphere of negative feelings. Surely, there are others who can profitably use the following suggestions, even though their case may not be as extreme.

You say you can't do it. But you are not going to have to do it alone; God will help you. You say you keep thinking of yourself and your frailties and problems. That is one of the keys to the problem. Stop thinking so much about yourself. Think about others and their needs.

You say you can't do anything. Actually, there is a lot you can do. It is just a matter of accepting the fact, and then doing it.

You say that, when you read Steps to Christ, you feel uncomfortable and condemned. That is the devil pestering you. He wants you to stop reading it because it is filled with worthwhile guidance and encouragement. When you hear his negative words, just dart up a prayer to Jesus and plead with Him for help. He will send more angels to your aid and waft away the dark clouds, which Satan would throw about you.

 Plead with God to forgive your sins, and then arise and believe that He has. You must believe God. He has said He Will forgive; now believe that He is doing it. Plead the mercies of Jesus your Atonement and only Saviour. Then, in His strength, step out and live that new life. You can only do it moment by moment as you cling to Him. Only as you hold His hand and stay by His side-are you safe.

 There is victory as you cooperate with Jesus. It is done by His choice and yours; both are required to break the spell of discouragement which Satan would seek to cast over you. Be thankful- by constantly expressing your thankfulness to God. You need not do it aloud, but, as you have opportunity, keep thanking your kind Father in heaven. See in everything an opportunity to thank or praise Him.

Look for things in nature -the created world about you-that you can thank and praise Him for. The sky, the sunshine, the stars, the air you breathe. Notice all that you have and are able to do-and thank Him for that also. You have hands; nerves go to your legs and you still walk. You can speak to others. Many are your blessings.

More than you do, you must forget yourself and help others. Stop dwelling continually on your own problems, and seek to help someone else. If you can't do nothing else, go sweep the floor. You are helping someone else and thanking God in the process for the capability to be able to do it.

This is not to say that you have problems; everyone has them. But going out of your way to help another-will bring a cheerful countenance and a quickening of vitality for you both.

Pray for help. Believe that your kind Father will give it; believe He is giving it! Thank Him in advance because the promise is going to be realized when it is needed most. Believe and act on His Word. Then go out and help someone else. The more you help others, the more you will be helped..

Do not repeat the devil's whisperings. He is whispering doubt, fear, and anxiety to you. Turn your attention instead to thanking God and doing something to help others.

When Satan speaks to you, in the name of Jesus Christ, command him to flee. When he tells you that you are a great sinner, tell him that Jesus Christ came to save sinners-to lift them up and enable them to obey all that He asks. When he tells you that you are lost, tell him that Jesus forgives and justifies you in the presence of the Father in heaven.

Every day is new. When you wake up in the morning, throw water on your face, breathe deep, and praise the Lord. Go outside, breathe the fresh air, and thank Him some more. Walk outside every so often; there are few things as relaxing.

Eat a careful, light, nourishing diet and walk outside in the open air. A well-ordered mind needs a healthy body. Your body may seem old and half worn out, but care for it as best as you can. Give Him your best, and He will use it for His glory.

Be sure each day to get enough water, fresh air, sunlight, rest, and exercise. Eat temperately of nourishing food. Such a program helps build a sturdy physical foundation for a strong, dedicated mind.

Avoid enervation. Do nothing to exhaust your body, mind, or nerves. Keep close to Jesus and be strong in His strength.

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. There is no medicine as powerful as that formula. It can and will do wonders for you.

Do not rely on your feelings, or live by them. Do what is right because it is right. Thank God and help others, whether or not you feel like it. Act from principle, and the feelings will take care of themselves. Emotions can be treacherous when we permit them to be the master of our decisions.

But keep in mind that there is no better way to have a cheerful outlook than by praising God and helping others! It is health to the body and mind, and brings peace of spirit and contentment of heart.

Study God's Word several times a day. Open the Bible and/or Spirit of Prophecy and soak in it. Make it your delight. The things of the world are continually warring against the things of the Spirit. If you are more interested in reading about worldly matters than in reading God's Word, you are not doing well. The solution is to open the Scriptures and fill yourself with it. Open and read it because it is right to do so, and soon it will captivate you. Pray for help in understanding and loving God's books, and He will answer that prayer as you do your part. Swimming is learned in the water, and the Inspired Writings are loved as we read them.

There is power in the promises of God's Word. Take them one by one and make them your own. Read a promise and think about it. Then read it again, and thank God for it. Then try to memorize it. Return to it again later. Try to repeat it from memory.

Read more promises and make them your own. Share them with others. Do so in a spirit of thankfulness. Live a thankful life!

Keep an open Bible or Spirit of Prophecy book nearby. Pick it up and read a verse or a paragraph every so often. There is power in the Word of God. Where should you begin? Start at any chapter, and read and reread it until you get its message. Fill your mind with outstanding verses in it. Pray over what you have read.

Work on a project with God. This is a powerful encouragement! Powerful! Few things can surpass it. What should it be? What can you do? You can always do something. You can pray with and for others. You can speak to them and, by your words, give them encouragement. As you do so, your own problems will seem trivial. Many of them will actually disappear.

Pray and ask your kind Father to help you find projects you can work on with Him. Perhaps one might be raking part of your yard, or part of your neighbor's. Perhaps it is walking outside and praying for others as you walk. The exercise and fresh air is clearing your mind, and blood is pumping more rapidly in your body. Send up urgent prayers as you walk. Make sure they are believing prayers. Plead for help, for yourself and others, and then believe that help is coming.

Take God at His Word. In His Word He has promised to help you personally. He has also promised to use you to help others. Take Him at His Word, Step out by faith and be a blessing to those around you. Do it in a humble, kind way; not to receive thanks but to be a help.

Reclaim the days the cankerworm has eaten. If you have hurt anyone, ask him to forgive you, If you have slipped into being a problem to others, change the situation and begin being a comfort to others,

If someone scorns your efforts and says you are on a "works program," tell him you are working with God. There are people who do nothing but live for themselves, and then cry "works!" whenever someone around them begins having a deeper, more fulfilling Christian experience. Living for self is dead works, but living for God and the benefit of others is good works. Everyone, except those in the cemetery, has works; it left with us individually to decide what they shall be.

You say you are hard to live with. Live to be kind to others. Tell those around you how thankful you are for them. Be genuinely appreciative of what they do. They need and deserve your encouragement. Try to find ways to help them. There are many ways you can.

So, in brief:

Keep filling your mind with God's Word.

Keep sending up prayers to Him and always end with thanks..

Keep blessing others. Be a blessingnot only in your actions, but in your words, your tones, and your face.

Keep busy doing something, however simple, with Him.

And then, when you get tired, just lay down and rest in the thought of His love.

 "Christ has made every provision for us to be strong. He has given us His Holy Spirit, whose office is to bring to our remembrance all the promises that Christ has made, that we may have peace and a sweet sense of forgiveness. If we will but keep our eyes fixed on the Saviour, and trust In His power we shall be filled with a sense of security, for the righteousness of Christ will become our righteousness. .

"We dishonor Him by talking of our inefficiency, Instead of looking at ourselves, let us constantly behold Jesus, daily becoming more and more like Him, more and more able to talk of Him, better prepared to avail ourselves of His kindness and helpfulness, and to receive the blessings offered us."-Messages to Young People, 107.