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Chapter One: 1863: Establishment of an Organization of Counselors.

"Organization and Discipline" by James White. RH Jan. 4,1881

Chapter Two: 1873: Human Authority Established

"Leadership" by G.I. Butler. RH Nov. 18,1873

Chapter Three: 1874: James White Protested Against the Establishment of Human Authority

"Leadership" by James White. RH Dec. 1, 1874

Chapter Four: 1895-1896: E.G. White Takes a Position Against the Establishment of Human Authority

A. "Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me." Sp. T. Series A, No. 9, pp. 16-31; TM, pp. 359-364 "Under Which Banner?" TM pp 364-373

B. "The Lord has a Controversy with His People." Sp. T., Series A, No. 9, p. 37-50; TM, p. 374-386

Chapter Five: 1901: Sermons and Discussions in Which E.G. White Took Part at the General Conference

A. "Kingly Power," Sermon in the Battle Creek Library. Spalding-Magan Collection, Ms. Test. pp. 162-168

B. "The Kingdom of God within." Sp. T. Series A, No. 9, p. 318

C. Discussions during the G.C. in session. 1901, pp. 23-27 and GCB 1901, pp. 68-70

D. "Our supply in Christ," Early morning meeting sermon. GCB 1901, pp. 35-37

Chapter Six: 1901: Some Remarks of A. G. Daniels How a Godlike Organization Works

Your mandate must originate from God, not from man. GCB 1901, p.49

Chapter Seven: 1906: Letter from A. T. Jones to A. G. Daniels

The invitation to have two sermons, written on Jan. 26,1906

Chapter Eight: 1901: The Sermons of A. T. Jones at the General Conference of 1901

A. Evening Sermon on True Biblical Organization. GCB 1901, pp. 3 7-42

B. Bible Study on True Organization. 1901, pp. 101-105

Chapter Nine: 1901-1903: What Happened Between 1901 and 1903

Letter of AT. Jones to A.G. Daniels (continued), written on Jan. 26, 1906

Chapter Ten: 1903: Discussions at the G.C. of 1903

Article II - Executive Committee, Report of the Minority, Proceedings of the Committee GCB 1903, pp. 146-149; GCB 1903, pp. 149-155

Chapter Eleven: 1903: Some Testimonies of E. G. White in 1903 About Centralization and Evidence that we Learned Nothing in the Meantime.

A. Centralization RH Dec. 10, 1903

B. "Shall We Be Found Wanting?" 8T, pp. 247-251

Chapter Twelve: 1909 E. G. White Declared that Human Kingship was Fully Established.

"Jehovah our King" Sp. T. Series B, No. 10, pp. 12-20