Many of our readers will recall our in-depth analysis of the Marian Movement, which was released in December 1993. It was titled, The Apparitions of Mary, Part 1-3 [MB11-13], and was in our Mysteries of Babylon Series.

Recently a full-length book on the subject has been published by two Roman Catholics, which provide us with a number of direct quotations, purportedly from the Virgin Mary.

We will here briefly overview some of those quotations.


The Roman Catholic Church has pointed its adherents to Mary and her worship for many centuries. But just now the leadership is helpless in the face of spirit manifestations, purporting to be Mary, who brings messages to her worshipers.

Her supposed appearances are called apparitions, which is an archaic name for appearances.

Previous apparitions were afterward approved by the Vatican as genuine, and the places where she was supposed to have been seen became officially accepted places of worship.

This included Guadaloupe, Mexico (1531); Lourdes, France (1858); Fatima, Portugal (1917); and Beauraing and Benneux, Belgium (1933).

In each of those appearances, enough was said by the Virgin which was acceptable, that the blessing of the pope could be afterward pronounced on the incident.

But the apparitions at Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, (1981 to the present) have been different.

In these encounters with a supernatural being, words have been spoken which have not always agreed with official church views. For this reason, Rome has been uncertain whether to pronounce them genuine manifestations of the Virgin.

For example, Mary says that everyone in all the denominations who obey her, are her children! This is contrary to Catholic doctrine, but would greatly simplify the final uniting of the churches during the Sunday Law crisis.

But that which the Vatican cannot control, it fears. It seems that, in these last days as the Final Crisis described in Great Controversy nears, the devil is moving faster than church leaders are comfortable with.

We would earnestly recommend that you obtain a copy of our earlier tract set, The Apparitions of Mary, Part 1-3 [MB11-13], so you can study this matter in more detail. You will there find, not only the historical background of Marian worship, on down through the centuries, but also an account of the most famous appearances of modern times.  

The entire Marian Movement takes on new dimensions of significance, with the publication of the book, The Thunder of Justice, by Ted and Marie Flynn, both of which are faithful Roman Catholics.

The Forward to the book was penned by Malachi Martin, the former Jesuit priest and professor at the Vatican Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, who authored the book, Keys of this Blood.

The full name of this unofficial movement within the Roman Catholic Church is The Marian Movement of Priests. It is said that 55,000 priests belong to it. In reality, hundreds of thousands of lay Catholics also hang on every word which proceeds from each new apparition. Whatever this Virgin says, is accepted as the sacred word of God.

The purpose of that ad hoc organization is to proclaim everywhere the messages which the Virgin is supposed to be giving to certain individuals in private sťances. Most of these are spoken in isolated country locations. But some are given to them in rooms in dwellings. In each instance, no witnesses are present.

However, those receiving the visions have often been interviewed, and they are reported to be extremely sincere. Last summer (June 1995), the present writer spoke with a young man who journeyed all the way to Medjugorje (during the Croatian war!), in the hope of seeing an apparition. While there, he interviewed a local priest and saw one of the young people who has received visions of Mary. He came away puzzled. Although a faithful Catholic, he was not sure what to make of it.

Apparitions of the Virgin only occurred infrequently in the past, but increased in number shortly after 1844.  In the mid-20th century, the number of appearances have greatly increased, both in frequency and widespread locations. In addition to Yugoslavia, they have been reported in France, Spain, Egypt, Argentina, Japan, Africa, and the United States.

But the speeches given by the Virgin, in Medjugorje [Med-ah-jor-ee], have been the most troubling to church leadership.

The book, Thunder of Justice, quotes some of these statements by the blessed Virgin. We find these of special interest, and for several reasons:

1 - Some of them are remarkably similar to concepts given in the Spirit of Prophecy. The devil has been doing a little reading in his spare time.

2 - He is taking Adventist concepts and topics, and applying them to totally different personages, events, and places.

3 - Much of what is being said is quite in line with official Roman teachings.

4 - Especially significant: Satan wants Roman Catholics, and anyone else who cares to listen, to be told that Christ is about to return to earth!

5 - The great mass of humanity will be filled by the Virgin with love, and the new era of happiness and peace will begin.

Satan knows Great Controversy backward and forward. While many Adventists foolishly occupy their time, trying to find reasons to discard the 1911, 1888, or 1884 editions of that book as worthless, Satan is busy restating those concepts to Catholics in a fantastic scheme of final events! He wants to lure as many as possible into a web of deception, a web they will not escape from.

6 - It is clear that Satan believes that the end is nearly upon us! There is no other reason why he would try to build immense excitement and expectation of looking for a Christ to walk the earth within the next few years!

We have friends who do not believe that Christ is returning very soon. We also have friends who do not believe that Satan will actually walk the earth, appearing to be Christ. But Satan apparently believes it!

He [Satan] will bear the appearance of Christ in every particular. 5 Testimonies, 698.

We urge you to obtain copies of our End-Time Series of booklets on last-day events. It is the most complete, classified compilation of Spirit of Prophecy quotations on final events, available anywhere.

  Let us now consider some of these statements, purportedly uttered by the Virgin Mary to her followers. The book says those remarks are made by her to her faithful priests in the Roman Catholic Church, who are to share those concepts with the laity of the church. But, if there are 55,000 priests enamored with these teachings, we can know there are a far greater number of lay men and women in Catholicism who revere every word spoken by this spirit.

In the following quotations, page numbers with no book title, refer to this Flynn book, Thunder of Justice. Quoted material is purportedly from the Virgin herself. Statements by the Flynn's are stated as being by them, not by the Virgin. Comments in brackets are ours. 

In the remainder of this tract, you are going to read what Satan is saying about coming events to millions of Roman Catholics:


WORDS FROM OUR MOTHER Statement by the Flynn's: In the following words from our beloved Mother, she has told about how Satan has led mankind away from the true church in numerous revolutions, which will continue until Satan finally appears in human form. Flynn's, page 96.

SHE SITS A QUEEN I am the Queen of all the church. page 99 [compare Revelation 18:7].

WE ARE ABOUT TO ENTER THE FINAL STAGE OF THE GREAT CONTROVERSY You have entered into the most difficult phase of the battle between the spirits of good and the spirits of evil, between the angels and the demons. It is a terrible struggle, which is taking place all around you. And so there are the times when the action of your guardian angel must become stronger and more continuous. Pray to them often, listen to them, and follow them at every movement. page 100.

JUST NOW, SATAN IS USING THE UNITED STATES Satan is using the United States to deceive mankind. page 288.

HARVESTS WILL WORSEN The seasons will be altered. The earth will produce nothing but bad fruit. page 115.

THERE WILL BE SIGNS IN THE SUN, MOON, AND ELEMENTS The stars will lose their regular motion. The moon will only reflect a faint reddish  glow. Water and fire will give the earths globe convulsions and terrible earthquakes, which will swell up mountains and cities. page 115.

ANOTHER IMMENSE WAR WILL OCCUR There will be a third world war, involving many nations. page 344 [Russia, China, and the United States are named].

IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST EVER FOUGHT[It will be] a great war, the greatest that has ever been. Many will not survive. page 344.

MAJOR CITIES WILL BE DESTROYED San Francisco will be swallowed up. page 343.

There will be an end of San Francisco and New York. There will be nobody left. page 344.


MARY, THE ONE WHO FORMED US, IS THE ONE WHO OPENS THE BOOK OF REVELATION I am opening the secret book, that the secrets contained in it may be revealed. I have guarded you from all sides, and you have been formed by me in order to be formed for the great events, which are awaiting you. Only in this way are you able to carry out your important mission. page 91.

I will bring you the full understanding of the sacred scriptures. I will read to you the pages of the last book, which must still come to pass. page 30.

THE MEANING OF THE THREE ANGELS MESSAGES (Revelation 14:6-12 quoted) . . To the first angel, there befalls the task of making this announcement to all: Give to God glory and obedience. Praise Him because the moment has come when He shall judge the world. All the power of Satan will be destroyed.

To the second angel, there befalls the task of making this announcement: Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great. She has made all nations drink of the intoxicating wine of her prostitution.

To the third angel, there befalls the task of announcing the great chastisement. Anyone who worships the beast and its image, and accepts its mark in the forehead or hand will drink the wine of Gods wrath. page 100.

THE IDENTITY OF THE GREAT DRAGON OF REVELATION 12 AND 13 The huge red dragon is Marxist Atheism, which appears with ten horns, namely the power of its means of communication, in order to lead humanity to disobey the commandments of God.

And the seven heads, upon each there is a crown, signs of authority and royalty. The crowned heads indicate the nations in which atheistic communism is established, and rules with a force of its political and military power. page 92.

SHE IS THE WOMAN OF REVELATION 12 I am the Virgin of Revelation. page 90.

SHE FIGHTS THE DRAGON I am the woman clothed with the sun, who has the task of fighting against the red dragon and his powerful army; to conquer him, to bind him, and to drive him away into his kingdom of death, that Christ alone may reign over the world.

Behold me, as presented in the scripture of my eternal royalty: Another sign appeared in the heavens: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon beneath her feet, and on her head a crown of 12 stars. page 99.

THE SEVEN HEADS OF THE LEOPARD BEAST OF REVELATION 13 The seven heads indicate the various Masonic lodges, which act everywhere in a subtle and dangerous way. The aims of Masonry is not to deny God, but to blaspheme Him.

This is why, in these times, behind the perverse actions of Freemasonry, there is being spread everywhere black masses and Satanic cults. page 93.

APOSTASY WILL ALSO ENTER ROME Rome will lose the faith, and become the seat of the Antichrist. page 115.

THE LAMB-LIKE BEAST OF REVELATION 13 The beast with the two horns, like a lamb, indicates the Freemasonry infiltrated into the interior of the church; that is to say, ecclesiastical Masonry, which has spread especially among the hierarchy.

This Masonic infiltration, in the interior of the church, was already foretold by me at Fatima, when I announced to you that Satan would enter into the summit of the church. page 93.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE UNITED STATES This great nation, the United States, will come to know weakness and poverty. page 356.

THE ANTICHRIST IS ABOUT TO REVEAL HIMSELF The hour is in preparation when the man of iniquity, who wants to put himself in the place of God, to have himself adored as God, is about to manifest himself in all his power. page 111. 


SOON THE ANTICHRIST WILL REIGN The reign of the Antichrist will reach the peak of its strength, of its power, and its great seduction. page 111.

THE LAST WAR WILL BE FOUGHT BY THE KINGS OF ANTICHRIST The earth will be struck by calamities of all kinds, in addition to plagues and famines. There will be a series of wars, until the last war which will be fought by the ten kings of the Antichrist; all of whom will have the one and the same plan, and will be the only rulers of the world. page 115.

BEFORE THE FINAL WAR, THERE WILL BE A BRIEF TIME OF PEACE Before this comes to pass, there will be a kind of false peace in the world. page 115.

THE REIGN OF ANTICHRIST WILL COME BEFORE THE END OF THE CENTURY It is the reign of the Antichrist, in the last part of your century, this reign of his will reach the peak of its strength, of its power, of its great seduction.

The hour is in preparation when the man of iniquity, who wants to put himself in the place of God, who wants to have himself adored as God is about to manifest himself in all of his power. page 111.

HER WORSHIPERS WILL RECEIVE A MARK IN THEIR FOREHEADS All my children will receive and carry the sign of the cross in their foreheads. This sign only my chosen ones will see. page 100.

HOW WE ARE TO PREPARE FOR WHAT IS COMING Strive for holiness; pray, pray, pray . .  [That which is needed is] prayer, faith, conversion, and fasting. page 9.

SATAN WILL BE DEFEATED Satan will be completely defeated. page 363.

MARY IS THE ONE WHO WINS THE BATTLES IN REVELATION The battle is clearly described, and My great victory is clearly foretold. page 90.

PETER AND PAUL WILL BE SENT TO GIVE US MESSAGES St. Peter and St. Paul will be sent from heaven to preach before the end. page 353.

THE SPIRITS WILL PROTECT AND GIVE INSTRUCTION TO HER FAITHFUL ONES IN THAT CRISIS Those chosen ones will be instructed by My angels, how to conduct themselves. My faithful will be without any kind of fear during the difficult hours. They will be protected by the good spirits, and will be fed by heaven, from where they will receive further instruction. page 100.

MARY, HERSELF, MAY APPEAR TO EVERYONE INDIVIDUALLY Statement by the Flynns: She will appear, if necessary, in every single household. Flynns, page 11.

A GREAT EVENT WILL OCCUR. IT WILL BE THE LATTER RAIN What will come to pass is so great, it will exceed anything that has taken place since the beginning of the world. And we have been told that the latter rain will far exceed anything that happened in the early rain. page 31. [Note: greater than the early rain.]

A SPIRIT WILL BE POURED OUT ON THE FAITHFUL The outpouring of the Spirit, after the warning occurs, will be as great as it was on the first Pentecost. page 31. [Note: as great as the early rain.]

THIS SPIRIT WILL COME IN POWER, POURING LOVE UPON GREAT NUMBERS The Holy Spirit will come, that the will of the Father and the Son may be accomplished. The Holy Spirit will come to establish the glorious reign of love, of justice and peace. Every person will see himself in the burning fire of divine truth. It will be like a judgment in miniature. page 31.

ALL THESE CRISIS EVENTS WILL OCCUR BEFORE THE YEAR 2000 Statement by the Flynns: Mary believes that everything she has been shown or told about, will be accomplished before the year 2000. Flynns, page 105.

THIS SPIRIT WILL RENEW THE WORLD, AND USHER IN A NEW ERA OF HOLINESS The Holy Spirit will come as heavenly dew of grace and fire, which will renew all the world under His irresistible action of love, to live the new era of its great holiness, and attract to itself resplendently all nations of the earth. page 309.

THE MOTHER OF THE SECOND ADVENT HAS COME TO PREPARE US I am the Mother of the Second Advent. I am preparing you for His coming. page 56.

If you have been thinking through these quotations as you have read them, you will arrive at several intriguing conclusions:

1 - The appearances and messages of Mary will increase.

2 - Satan is banking on using those pretended messages to deceive Roman Catholics into falling into line on his side of the final events. (Only in Great Controversy can we clearly know what those events will be.)

3 - According to the messages from the Virgin, within the next four years (I am writing in January 1996), there will be a series of wars, followed by the biggest war in history, which will involve the three most powerful nations (America, Russia, and China), plus others, The antichrist will also have time to mount his throne and reign. Then, at the close of the four (four) years, Mary will pour out her spirit on, what appears to be a majority of humanity, filling their hearts with love. As Jesus returns to again walk the earth, a wonderful, new era of peace and happiness will be able to forever begin. And all this will happen within 48 months? Impossible.

We question whether the devil can ever present a message that is internally consistent.

In contrast, Gods messages are balanced and solidly based in obedience to moral principles.

Our only defense in the days ahead will be clinging to Jesus, and studying and implicitly obeying the Inspired Writings.

Study, obey, trust, and share. We are bound for heaven, and we must take as many with us as possible.

                                                             Vance Ferrell