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Spiritualism's Invasion

". . . I have seen the results of these fanciful views of God, in apostasy,
spiritualism, free loveism. The free love tendencies of these teachings were so concealed
that it was difficult to present them in their real character. Until the Lord presented it to me, I 
knew not what to call it, but I was instructed to call it unholy spiritual love." Letter 230, 1903. 



Satan's Personating Christ.pdf


The Latest Witchcraft Craze PDF

Harry Potter Craze Alarming effects on society

What is the meaning of Joel 2:28, 29?

False Dreams and Visions PDF Beware! We were warned that these will keep coming! A Brief Guide to Identifying them. May 08

The Dreams of Ernie Knoll PDF The man who receives supernatural dreams. Discovering where the dreams come from. July 08

Yoga is Dangerous! PDF

New Theology leads to Spiritualism. PDF

Replenished from the East!

Harry Potter OK for Christians?

Praying for the Holy Spirit  May 2007  Also in PDF

Narnia Fever in the Churches Feb 06 PDF

Is Your Soul Immortal? A scholarly look at The certainty of Life after Death . . . When? By Pro. Robert Leo Odom. Is Your Soul Immortal? PDF E-book download.

Murl Vance And The Master Number Amazing information about 666 and the man who researched it.

Hypnotism Within the Adventist Church PDF The Battle is for your mind!

Hypnotism Within the Adventist Church html 

The Star of the New Evangelization of America

The Marian Messages Final events as predicted by the spirits to faithful Roman Catholics

The Secret Instructions

Psychic Predictions

The Holy Laughter Apostasy

Brownsville Revival

Dowsing; Radionics; Water Witching, and Related Practices

The Teachings of the Koran/ The Dalai Lama & Buddhism

Mary, the Redeemer

The Teachings of the Marian  Movement

History of Rock Music

A Glimpse into Gospel Rock

Demon Possession & Music

The Road to the Occult!

Who was C. S. Lewis?  

The Other Side of Left Behind  

The Dark World of Harry Potter

Hypnosis the Destroyer PDF

The Devastating Effects of Regressive Therapy   

Reaping the Whirlwind