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I am torn at heart to tell you that many SDAs are crowing about the Passion movie and claiming it to be Biblically Accurate and letters have even been circulated trying to claim a likeness to the Desire of Ages for this gory abomination! I am here sharing a newsletter from a friend because it has a brief run down of just a sample of the non-biblical nonsense and horror-story hype that is found in this movie. (sdadefend webservant)

Dear Friends, May 2004

After last month's newsletter, in which the current movie by Mel Gibson was discussed, so much more information has come to light that needs to be shared. So many have stated that the movie was such an accurate portrayal of the closing scenes of Jesus' life. Among those who have stated this are Billy Graham, James Dobson, Robert C Schuller, Paul Harvey, John Paul II, and Voice of Prophecy speaker Lonnie Melashenko. With such a line-up as this, who are claiming the movie to be so accurate with the biblical record, the movie must be an accurate account, right? As the following information is shared, you can judge for yourself.

The following are 17 non-biblical portrayals as seen in the movie that have no basis in the Bible. After mentioning the total, we will then analyze them.

1. As the movie opens, Christ is seen as an oily, muddy mess.

2. The Virgin Mary is shown in the Garden of Gethsemane, comforting her Son.

3. The devil appears to Christ in the Garden; a snake comes forth from the devil's nose to attack Christ, but He crushes it.

4. After Christ's arrest in the Garden, the beating begins.

5. As Christ is taken from one judgment hall to another, a riot breaks out between Jews and Romans. In the riot, Christ is again mashed badly.

6. As Christ is beaten, the film focuses on Mary as she deals with her pain.

7. As Judas goes out to hang himself, Jewish children throw rocks at him

8. During Christ's trial, He is hurled over a bridge. A heavy chain binds Him, which makes it possible for the Pharisees to pull Him up again.

9. After Peter's denial of Christ, he rushes from the hall and throws himself at Mary's feet, confessing his sins to her.

10. Mary pleads in intercession to Pilate's wife, Claudia, for her son.

11. Mary and Mary Magdalene are given cloth from Pilate's wife to wipe up Christ's blood from the pavement.

12. When Simon of Cyrene enters the film, he, along with Christ, carries the cross to Calvary.

13. When Christ falls on the way to Calvary, Mary has a flashback to the time when Christ was a boy and He fell on the streets of Jerusalem.

14. When Jesus reaches Calvary, Mary actually says to Him, "Let me die with You."

15. As the blood of Christ flows from the cross, Mary is at the foot of the Christ, kissing His feet. As Mary does this, blood gets all over her.

16. When Christ falls on the way to Calvary, Mary is always there to help and strengthen Him.

17. When Christ dies, an earthquake occurs and the temple collapses.

For someone to state that the preceding 17 points are biblical defies reason. Yet, that is exactly what Billy Graham, James Dobson, Robert Schuller, Paul Harvey, John Paul II, and Lonnie Melashenko have all declared. When Christ came from the Upper Room, He was not muddy or dirty looking. For a snake to proceed from the devil's nose is mere imagination and embellishment. There was no recorded riot between Jews and Romans while Christ went from one hall of judgment to another. The Bible does not record Judas having stones thrown at him. Simon of Cyrene does not carry the cross with Christ; he carries it for Him. The temple does not collapse at the death of Christ; it was destroyed 39 years later by the invading Roman armies under Titus in 70 A.D.

While all of these are non-biblical events in the film, the most glaring and blasphemous element of all is the overriding and central focus of Mary. She is seen in nearly every major aspect. She is in the Garden, at the trials, on the way to Calvary, and at the cross as well. The Gospels only record her at the cross when Jesus declares to her, "Behold your son!" John 19:26 She is depicted in this film as a mediator when Peter asks her for forgiveness and when she pleads for her Son before Claudia, Pilate's wife. The Bible indicates that there is one mediator between God and man, even Christ Jesus. (I Timothy 2:5) The Bible indicates that Christ is our intercessor. (Hebrews 7:25)

Where does Gibson come up with this, showing Mary as a mediator? This comes from the mystical, demonic writings of Anne Catherine Emmerich and Mary of Agrada. How can any of these professed Protestant ministers declare that exalting Mary, as intercessor, is biblical? This defies reason. These Protestant ministers are not Protestants; they have embraced the papacy and her doctrines and now espouse them as the truth. For John Paul to say this movie is biblical is one thing, but for James Dobson, Billy Graham and Paul Harvey, this is something else. For Lonnie Melashenko to state that the film is biblically accurate is a travesty. `How have the mighty fallen!'

Not only is Mary depicted in the film as an intercessor, she is also portrayed as a co-Redeemer. As Mary kisses Christ's feet, she becomes soaked with blood, showing very adroitly that both she and her Son were bloody at Calvary. The movie even has her saying at Calvary, "Let me die with You." Friends, this is blasphemous. For a person to profess to follow Christ and declare this to be of God is nothing short of shocking. Catholic dogma was portrayed in 'The Passion' and viewers are so stunned by the blood and gore that they miss the underlying, yet bold declarations that Mary is a mediator and redeemer.

There are two other aspects to this that are striking in light of end-time Bible prophecy. There is coming a time very soon when demons will manifest themselves as departed prophets and other famous Bible characters. It is clear that one of those who will appear will be the demon impersonating Mary. This movie is preparing people to be very sympathetic toward Mary so that when she appears, people will feel so good about her, and will associate her with Christ. What she says will then be associated with Christ and people will embrace her and what she says as the truth. She will tell everyone to honor Sunday. All the worldly `great' men; people like Billy Graham, James Dobson, Robert Schuller, Paul Harvey, John Paul II, and Lonnie Melashenko will then second her message as the voice of God, and the world's masses will then follow her and what she says and embrace Sunday worship. It is only a matter of time as God allows. The God of heaven controls and He is bringing the world to a final decision through Sunday worship. Praise God; it is almost over!!!

Truth Triumphant

Pastor Bill & Hoda Hughes

P. 0. Box 1417

Eustis, Fl 32727-1417

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