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Wolves in Fleeces

"So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me." Ezekiel 33:7

Our Evangelical Earthquake Entire Book in PDF!!

Spiritual Formation in the Church-2005.pdf

Spiritual Formation in the Church-2011.pdf

Universalism-Lorrain Day.pdf

Change at the Worldwide Church of God

Mel Gibson's Passion Film

A Warning to the SDA Church This is LOR!  

Hypnotism Within the Adventist Church The Battle is for your mind!

Hope Problem.

Crisis at Hope


Trained To Be a Secret Agent: 1

More About Secret Agents: 2 

Still More About Secret Agents: 3  


'Street Ministries' The Way to Train our Youth to be Worldlings

Letter From an Advent Believer Also 'Our Present Crisis Predicted'.

Organized Apostasy and Tearing Down of the Faith

Sunday-keeping Adventist Churches


Adventist's Sunday Church


Explosion in Brazil!



Three ABN Lawsuit: WM1397 3ABN Sept 07 pdf

Another Trademark Lawsuit.pdf The Chick McGill Case: Waymarks  # 1338 July 2006

Trademark Lawsuits Prepare the Way for Persecution; also The McGill Case.pdf
Did you know that the denominational Trademark Lawsuits have paved the way for persecution and a National Sunday Law? Read for yourself. Waymarks # 1352, Oct. 2006

Trademark & Getting rid of 'Sabbath'-21-07.pdf More on McGill Lawsuit. Waymarks  #1369, Feb 2007

Summary of 36 Legal Defense Points to be used in a Trademark Lawsuit or Appeal:  



An Appeal to the General Conference President

The CHE October 2003 Report, to the Annual Council

Will Women's Ordination Explode at Toronto?


Our Twenty-first Century Hospital Crisis

The Promise Keepers' Objective 

The Truth About the Adventist Reform Church (Revised 2007) PDF

Shepherd's Rods History 

Shepherd's Rods Doctrine 

Shepherd's Rods The Davidians of Waco 

Men Who Have Arisen How to avoid Re-making Past Mistakes: 

Part 1:  Canright; Kellogg; Ballenger; A.T. Jones; Conradi; Rogers; Houtiff
Part 2:  Andreasen; Brinsmead; Greives; Ford

The man who Boarded the Phantom Ship: D. M. Canright : What happened to this man that turned traitor to the faith he once loved?