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 Abortion Issues:

"Because they have forsaken me, . . .
and have filled this place with the blood of innocents"
 Jeremiah 19:4

 "Also in thy skirts is found the
blood of the souls of the poor innocents
Jeremiah 2:34

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WM1542: Facts You Should Know about Abortion:

CS2 Please Sir: Kill my Baby  A mothers true story of her abortion operation/Science proves babies are human.

CS3 Abortion is no Friend!  It can kill a wonderful baby, and in terrible ways.

CS4 Abortion can Damage Women  Terrible physical damage to many who have abortions.

CS5 The Abortion Market The Nazi abortion plan -- vivisection on aborted babies/profits.

CS6 The Bible and Abortion The Bible says it is NOT right to kill your baby!

CS7 World War III Abortion Today  War vs. abortion statistics/C. E. Koop speaks/position of churches.

CS8 My Diary The diary of a girl who loved the mother who killed her/Abortion facts.

Your Baby is a Human Being!

CS10 Facts About the Baby Feb 97  

Some Abortion Facts

WM1218 Judge Questions Abortionists (Not pdf)

WM1308 Facts About Abortion Dec. 2005

WM1325 Unborn Humans are People Apr. 2006

E-BOOK Abortion and You 96 pp, 1987

WM839 Harvesting Organs (LLU); Getting Rid of Crop Seed; Adventist Chuch and Americans United July 98     

'Harvesting Organs'

The Truth about Stem Cell Research There is a controversy in America today over "stem cell research." The purpose of this report is to provide you with the real facts about the matter. (Not pdf)

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Here is a link to information regarding the 'Stem-cell' Market and what it is creating in the world.