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David Bauer: "Questions on Doctrine" 2008
Celebrating Apostasy! "They declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves." Isaiah 3:9
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Vance Ferrell: "The Church appears about to Fall"


Vance Ferrell: "How to Avoid Being Hypnotized"


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Vance Ferrell: "The Basic Controversy"


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Ellen G. White: Special Testimonies B-2


These warnings and instructions are more applicable to the church today than even when they were written at the time when the spiritualism invasion began with the Alpha apostasy and progressed towards the Omega. When these testimonies speak of 'physicians' or 'medical missionary workers', we can apply it to all--denominational leaders and members alike. Please read: Alpha & Omega

Series B-2 Chapter 1a   Series B-2 Chapter 1b

Series B-2 Chapter 1c   Series B-2 Chapter 2a

Series B-2 Chapter 2b   Series B-2 Chapter 3a

Series B-2 Chapter 3b   Series B-2 Chapter 4

Series B-2 Chapter 5a   Series B-2 Chapter 5b

Series B-2 Chapter 6   Series B-2 Chapter 7

Series B-2 Chapter 8a   Series B-2 Chapter 8b

Series B-2 Chapter 9   Series B-2 Chapter 10a

Series B-2 Chapter 10b1   Series B-2 Chapter 10b2

Series B-2 Chapter 10c


Ellen G. White: Special Testimonies B-7


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Ellen G. White: 1858 Great Controversy


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David Bauer: The New "Questions on Doctrine"


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David Bauer: 1981 "Break Every Yoke!"


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