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Our Foundation of Truth

Most church members and even most ministers and teachers are totally uniformed of the actual foundation of truth given to the Advent Movement! Take time NOW and prayerfully study these original documents, attested to by the Holy Spirit, for yourself. We cannot afford to be ignorant!

Said my accompanying angel, "Woe to him who shall move a block or stir a pin of these messages. The true understanding of these messages is of vital importance. The destiny of souls hangs upon the manner in which they are received." Early Writings, pp. 258, 259. (1858.)

Miller's 'Rules' of Prophetic Interpretation

Memories of October 22

The Sanctuary by O. R. L. Crosier 1846   (also in PDF file)

Charles Fitch: The man EGW saw in Heaven PDF file

The Visions of William Ellis Foy:  Truth that sustains and anchors Advent faith.

 "I believe the Sanctuary, to be cleansed at the end of the 2,300 days, is the New Jerusalem Temple, of which Christ is a minister. The Lord shew me in vision, more than one year ago, that Brother Crosier had the true light, on the cleansing of the Sanctuary; and that it was his will, that Brother C. should write out the view which he gave us in the Day-Star, Extra, February 7, 1846. I feel fully authorized by the Lord, to recommend that Extra, to every saint." EGW. Word to the Little Flock  May 1847

The First Visions:

Day-star Broadside 1  April 6, 1846  (PDF file)

Day-star Broadside 2  April 7, 1847  (PDF file)

Day-star Broadside 3 January 31, 1849 (PDF file)

"The Word to the Little Flock": May 1847 (PDF file)

Earliest Great Controversy 1858  (PDF file)  Also in MP3!

The Seventh Day Sabbath: 1845 T. M. Preble  (PDF file)

The Seventh Day Sabbath, A Perpetual Sign: Joseph Bates 1846
(PDF file)

The Seventh Day Sabbath, A Perpetual Sign: 2nd edition: Joseph Bates 1847
(PDF file)

The Bible Sabbath: James White 1851 
(PDF file)

A Sketch of the Christian Experiences and Views of Ellen G. White: 1851
(PDF file)

Supplement to the Christian Experiences & Views of Ellen G. White: 1854
(PDF file)

Appeal on Immortality: James White  (PDF file)

James White on Leadership: Advent Review and Herald of the Sabbath: December 1, 1874  James White on Church Order  Review and Herald: January 4. 1881. Is the Hierarchical System used in the denomination today what James White originally set up? Leadership: J. White.pdf Organization and Discipline.pdf

Organization or Organism? Wim Wiggers. Valuable book on the history of the organization problem in the church. You cannot truly understand 1888 until you know the whole story from 1863-1909. 10/07

Christian Leadership Counsels: A fine compilation of Spirit of Prophecy quotes showing what Christian Leadership really means. 10/07

An Earnest Admonition: E.G. White   Earnest Admonition.pdf

The Present Truth: 1-1849  (PDF file)

The Present Truth: 2-1849  (PDF file)

The Present Truth: 3-1849  (PDF file)

The Present Truth: 4-1849  (PDF file)

The Present Truth: 5-1849  (PDF file)

The Present Truth: 6-1849  (PDF file)

The Present Truth: 7-1850  (PDF file)

The Present Truth: 8-1850  (PDF file)

The Present Truth: 9-1850  (PDF file)

The Present Truth: 10-1850 (PDF file)

1st Testimonies to the Church 1-10 1864 (PDF file)

1st Testimonies to the Church 11-13 1867 (PDF file)

Testimonies regarding the Alpha-Omega Apostasy:

Special Testimonies Series A PDF

Special Testimonies Series B PDF

Special Testimonies Series B2 MP3s

Special Testimonies Series B-7 in MP3s

The New "Questions on Doctrine" MP3

"Break Every Yoke" MP3