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Defending the Foundations:

Said the angel, Woe to him who shall move a block, or stir a pin in these messages.


Sick, Sorry, & Sad Will they never get tired of picking the 'Platform of Truth' apart? Guest article 


Danger of False Ideas of Justification by Faith Manuscript Release #371

PDF/Basic Controversy in the Great Controversy
Be sure to listen to this sermon in MP3!

PDF/Satan's Other Mistake

How Many People Does God Want to Save? Opposing the error of predestination

Seven Threatened Teachings

The Voice of God

The Truth about Assurance

The Righteousness of Christ


PDF/Time Excitement! Dangers of Time Setting

We are Not to Set Time!   We are Not to Set Time! PDF

The Jubilee - Can We Date the 2nd Coming from it?


Proving the Pioneer Position on the Daily

Vicarius Filii Dei and the 666

Old Jerusalem Should We Go There?

The Ecumenical Objective

The Second Evangelical Conferences


Warnings to the Church.pdf

The Seder - A Denial of Christ Feb. 2007

Should Christians Attend a Seder? 2011.pdf

Ordinance of Humility-2010.pdf

Ron Gladden's New Church  The most prominent and successful "church planter" in the denomination has decided to start his own denomination.

 Rick Warren and Saddleback Church

Can We Save the Church?  Here is what must be done

Counsels on The Celebration Church  First compiled and published in 1990, this counsel is more important for us today than it was even then 

The Feast Days and The Ceremonial Law

The Right to Worship

The Balkanization of Adventism

"Through the two great errors, the immortality of the soul, and Sunday sacredness, Satan will bring the people under his deceptions." GC. 588

Is Your Soul Immortal? A scholarly look at The certainty of Life after Death . . . When? By Pro. Robert Leo Odom. Is Your Soul Immortal? PDF E-book download.

The Terrible Storm! Does God ever kill the incorrigibly wicked?  At this crucial time some among us are saying that the warning is in error, for God has no judgment, no wrath, and no punishment of sin, as is described in Scripture. PDF EBook


Visit for a wealth of Bible Sabbath resources

The Sabbath Linked to Our World.pdf


Sanctuary Events after the Crucifixion

A Biblical Defense of our Sanctuary Doctrine  Entire Book in PDF

The Sanctuary Message: Complete 38-Part SOP Study!

Hebrews 1: The Divinity of Christ

Hebrews 2: The Humanity of Christ

Hebrews 3-4: Entering the Promised Rest        

The Inexpressible Gift!

  1. The Inexpressible Gift 

  2. Come Claim the Gift

  3. Stand Loyal to the Gift


Tithe: a Fresh Look at the Storehouse Lloyd and Leola Rosenvold. PDF EBook

The Truth about Tithe PDF EBook Complete SOP analysis.  

The NAD Tithe Misappropriation Policy


Holy Spirit-A.pdf

The Sacred Name

Praying for the Holy Spirit  May 2007  Also in PDF

The Divinity of Christ: PDF eBook.

The Third Person of the Godhead: the Holy Spirit: PDF eBook.


The Openness Heresy The Theory that Claims That God is Inadequate and Ignorant pt. 1

The Infinite Wisdom of God! pt. 2

God Knows the Future! pt. 3

The Three Persons of the Godhead  


[1] The Human Nature of Christ

[2] The Nature of Christ

[3] The Baker Letter

1- The Temptations of Christ

2- The 'Nature of Christ' Apostasy 

The Nature of Christ 

"The commandments of God and the faith of Jesus." 

The Christian Warfare Against Sin.pdf

Changing the Nature of Man

The Basic Controversy: in the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan. It is urgent that we understand the BASIC ISSUE in that age-long argument, so that we can place ourselves on God's side of the matter.

Its Not Legalism . .

You can Overcome       

The Faith that Obeys

The Nature of Obedience       

Righteousness by Faith       

How to Have Victory in Christ

The Nature of Grace               

The Nature of Justification                 

Can Humans Obey God?


The Love vs. Legalism Error.pdf

Indentifying New Theology concepts.pdf 

Authority in Religion  

How Firm Our Foundation An In-depth Scriptural Reply to Desmond Ford's October 27, 1979 Student Forum Lecture at Pacific Union Collage, Entitled, "There is a Problem Here" FF-8

Reply to Desmond Fords 12-Points   

The Philosophy Underlying the New Theology

Another look at Church Relationship  

How Should we Relate to the Organization?

Should We Leave the Church?

The Objectives of Liberalism

Universalism: The Desperate Reach for Heaven


 The Science of True Education

 Why Our Schools were Established

The Part of the Story You need to Know about Christian Education! E. A. Sutherland's 'Studies in Christian Education'

The Primary Authority


 The Seven Thousand Years.pdf

LaSierra Univ. Evolution Crisis. pdf

The Age of the Earth 

The Creation of this World

Protein: The Brainless Wonder


Ted Wilson Elected 2010.pdf

One Response to Wilson's Election.pdf

Robert H. Pierson Final Appeal to God's People  

 The Trojan Horse within the Church 

 General Conference Leaders, An appeal 

Letters to the Churches by Elder M.L. Andreasen, 1957