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 Family and Home Schooling

"to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children"

Home Religion and the Wife's position in the Home:

2006 Teachers Meeting.pdf  Where are they taking our children?

Making a Will  A will is actually one of the most important documents a person ever signs. Making a Will PDF

Golden Compass Scheduled to be released on December 7th of this year, this 'children's entertainment' is something that should alarm parents and teachers!

"As Little Children" Heart-touching presentation by Norberto Restrepo

Smarter Than a Rat?  Are you showing as much wisdom in your family?

Counsels on Courtship & Marriage A wonderful SOP compilation for those who are or may be contemplating this major step in their Christian walk. PDF

 The Part of the Story You Need to Know about Christian Education. E. A. Sutherland's 'Studies in Christian Education'

Living Fountains or Broken Cisterns E. A. Sutherland  (PDF)

"Give Attendance to Reading" 1 Timothy 4:13 An older but very valuable compilation

The School of Christ: One of the main themes of the Spirit of Prophecy! A study of this subject will change your outlook on salvation! We include 122 of the over 500 references to this subject in Ellen White's messages.

We are Teaching our Children to Kill! 

'To Train up a Child' Is there light for Advent believers in this book?

Taking Your Child

Children and the Future: Here are some encouraging words for parents, especially faithful mothers.

Should We Live in the Cities?

Facts About Home Schooling in America 

The Myth of Socialization: Perspectives from a Home-schooled Child

The Science of True Education

Why Our Schools were Established

Protein: The Brainless Wonder

Family Friendly Educational Web Sites:  Off Site Link to Hundreds of very interesting places.   


Ponzi and Other Frauds

The Email Phishing Fraud

A Time for Financial Caution